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Repossessed - 1990 Movie Quotes

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4210 Nancy, god created people in his own image. Then how do you explain Pee Wee Herman? (full quote)
4210 where did you get the holy water? Well, the church wasn't open, so I got it at 7-11. (full quote)
4210 I think that you're wife has been possessed by the devil! Are you kidding? I mean I've never seen her hump someone before. Except For When the kids where away at camp. I still think it's PMS! (full quote)
4210 We've got a girl possessed by the devil. An exorcist singing songs dressed like a nun. Now all we need is for Jesse Ventura to do wrestling. (full quote)
4210 In the name of god Satan, where are you going? I'm going to Disneyland! (full quote)
4210 Stop it Satan, he is able to do anything now. Hello, my name is Barbra Walters and this is 20/20, Ha! (full quote)
4210 Doctors, what's happening to me? [doctors whispering]. Well, I think we will go with were stumped. Let's see if it up there....We're stumped. Number 1 answer! (full quote)
4210 Hello, Priest, I'm Nancy Aglet, the one that left you the note today. Hi, I was just about to call you. Honey, where are my nose hair clippers? In the cabinet. Thanx. I don't think that we can do this over the phone. Why don't you come over, I live on 477 Sex Drive. (full quote)
  Definetly PMS (full quote)
  Mayii: Will you pull down your dress? Student:Sure! (full quote)
  Mayii: Go Away! Nancy: Please,please,please, let me stay. It's not a schoolnight. (full quote)
  (Mayii,on the phone)Yeah, of couse I love you, yes, tonight,no,no feathers would use a whole chicken(turns to look at the class and gets dressed quickly) (full quote)
  Please, please, please let him stay.It's not a schoolnight. (full quote)
  Dad, mom's humping the preist! (full quote)
  Silence! One more word out of you little sacks of shit, there will be no more TV for you tonight! (full quote)
  Hello, Nancy. Well, i'll say you don't look anything like you did a few minutes ago. I AM THE DEVIL! Well, it look like you and i have gone from being friends to being enemies. I am far more powerful than you could ever imagine. Maybe. (full quote)
  Did you that the Christian Religion has over a billion followers? Big deal. So does the Wheel of Fortune. So don't try to impress me with numbers. I hate all forms of religion and i hate all who don't bow in my presence even if they call themselves a baptist, a preist, a Catholic or a Jew! (full quote)
  MAYII!!!!!!!!! (falls down stairs, gets up) I'LL BE BACK! oooooooh! oh sh%%... ooooooooo (full quote)
  (1973) 1)I'M SATAN! KING OF ALL THAT IS EVIL! 2)in the name god almighty, i cast the back to hell. 1) NEVER! THE GIRL IS MINE! MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE! 2)don't just stick your tounge out at me. 1) I'LL DO WHAT I DA** WELL PLEASE. 2) cut your cursing. 1) MAKE ME SLIMEBALL! 2) i am a preist! 1) OH PARDON ME, YOU'RE REVENEND ANN PULLEY, SLIMEBALL! HOW BOUT THESE , BOPPS? 2) i command you, close your blouse! 1) WATCH THIS BUD! 2) put down that crucifix! 1) OH EEH AH OH!!! I LOVE IT! 2) stop it! be gone satan be gone demon!!!! 1) NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!.......... mother! mother! mother! 3) father, is it all over, is nancy all right? 2) (nodds) 3) bless you. father, how could i possibly thank you? 1) MAYII! 2) (falls down stairs, gets up) 1) I'LL BE BACK! 2) oooh! oh s***, oooooh. (skips to credits) (full quote)
  i cast the back to hell! to hell! i cast the back to hell! to hell! i cast the back to hell!! why don't you leave me a picture resemay and resume at the door, i'll get back to you okay? (full quote)
  No one can destroy what the devil has created! (full quote)
  Luke! May the faith be with you! (full quote)
  So ya think your tough! If you're so tough, how come you possessed a woman's body? You get off wearing woman's clothing? (full quote)
  excuse me. i'm looking for a man. you go find your own. this one's already taken. check please. (full quote)
  Satan, stop! where do you think you're going? I'm going to Disneyland!!!! (full quote)
  heres the camera and that tape recorder that you wanted. father, whats going on here? i just had to tie my wife down to the bed. ive never done anything like that in my life. well, exept that one time when the kids were away at camp. (full quote)
  So! How do you like it! (full quote)
  Nancy:Your father wears tight underwear and I can't stand your mother! Mayii:PUT A SOCK IN IT! Nancy:JEEZ! what crawled up your butt and died? (full quote)
  oh please daddy cant he stay tomorrow not a school day please (full quote)
16680 1) I hate my last name. 2)Well hunny, in the old days a man's last name was the same as his occupation. 1)Oh, so like John Carpenter built houses and Tom Baker made bread? 2) That's right! 3)So what did John Handcock do? 2)Well... there were exceptions... (full quote)
  Unsavory oh you have just as many unsavory types here! from those Domino pizza dilivery boys, TO THAT IDIOT IN THE back ROW WHO WON'T SHUT UP DURING THE MOVIE ! (full quote)
  bye fufu (full quote)
29417 1: Did you know that the Christian religion has over a million followers? 2: Big deal! So does the Wheel of Fortune. (full quote)
29417 Dad! Mom's humping the priest! (full quote)
29417 I'm gonna tell you all about a mother that's fly I'm talkin' 'bout my homeboy, Father Mayii Cast out the devil and he didn't even yell And now the fool is coolin' in a place called Hell All the Catholics in the house say HO! (full quote)
  Mean Gene: Wrestlers don't use steroids anymore. Jesse: Or any less. (full quote)
  (Gene and Jesse announce the exorcism like it's a wrestling match) GENE:This is it america! The Belle from Hell vs. The Dove from Above! JESSE:It doesn't get any better than this Mean Gene,but we all know Mayii has a bad ticker.(Mayii holds up two baseball bats)MAYII:We have these for good measure. JESSE:That's an illegal foriegn object! GENE: Jesse,what do you know about fairness? JESSE:I'll show you fairness. MAYII:Are you two about finished? (full quote)
  father mayi (full quote)
  unsavoury?! auh c'mon, you've got just as many unsavoury types here..from those, domino pizza delivery that the back row who WONT SHUT UP during the movie (full quote)
  well, they call this man a devil and hes got a heart of stone, so if you want him to get lost, just go pick up your phone, call from the comfort of you home, and if you do, i promise you the devil will start to moan (full quote)
  1)lick me, LICK ME, LICK this cool or what? 2) its the cornalingus move! 1) take a lick of this candy stick you sissy boys! hehehe 3)thats discusting! (full quote)
10929 Remember, when you fall on your face, you're still moving forward. (full quote)
39394 1)tehahahaa lick me, lick me, LICK ME!..aww is this cool or what?! 2) it's the corelingus move!! 1) take a lick outta this candy stick, you SISSY BOYS! hehehe 3)...thats discusting (full quote)