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Young Guns II - 1990 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4119 I'll make ya famous. (full quote)
  The Mexican blackbird its a trail back down to mexico. No doc the mexican blackbird is a half mexican half black prostitute (full quote)
4851 You wrote a fifteen year old boy straight into his grave. And the rest of us... straight to hell. (full quote)
4851 1) You are not a god! 2) Why don't you pull the trigger and find out? (full quote)
5713 I never stole a horse from someone I didn't like. (full quote)
5150a Hello, Bob! *bang* Bye, Bob! best dollar eighty I ever spent! (full quote)
5150a There are other lawyers, you piece of chickenshit. Now get back in your vehicle and drive, before I make it 22, just for the goddamned hell of it. (full quote)
5150a You took my farm, Mr. Chisholm. You took a lot of farms Mr. Chisholm. As long as Billy's taking some back, I'm with him. (full quote)
5150a And I don't keep with whores no more. Now ain't we both content. (full quote)
6809 When you die, the spirit horse will come for you my friend. (full quote)
  White oaks you can kiss my ass! (full quote)
  White Oaks, You can kiss my ass!! (full quote)
  Come on Dave's boys! We ride now if we're gonna give Pat Garret the ride of his two-faced, stinkin' life! Come on! Come on! Believe this? (full quote)
7546 1:They call you the scourge of New Mexico. Well, by God, I am New Mexico. 2:Well, Mr. New Mexico... (full quote)
  Someone comes up to them and says Hey! The world's coming to and end! The first one says well I best go to the missionary and pray. The second one says hell I'm getting me six whores and the third one says I shall finish the game. I shall finish the game, Doc. (full quote)
3378 1) Encumbered by idgits, we pressed on. 2) That's very good. I like that. (full quote)
10232 I'll make ya famous,dick (full quote)
10346 (Sarcasticly) I'm a school teacher from the city of New York, HOwdy Doc How's your drawers? (full quote)
10346 Here, it's for the horse, it's from New York. 2. That horse ain't for sale Doc, but you can have my boots, they're nice and broken in. (full quote)
  best dollar eighty I ever spent (full quote)
8837 Hello Bob!(gunshot) goodbye Bob! (full quote)
  Tom Lillicrap sux penis. (full quote)
18406 TOM: whats scum? BILLY: well tom thats bad types, politicians, bankers, cattle-kings... scum! (full quote)
Jaysi Garret! Get me off this animal! I need to have a movement! (full quote)
  When the spirit horse comes, then its over. (full quote)
  I sentence you to hang by the neck until you are dead, dead, dead. Now do you have anything to say for yourself boy? You go to hell, hell hell. (full quote)
14963 Judge: ...and there be hanged by the neck till he be dead, dead, dead. Now, do you have anything to say, young man? billy : Yes I do, your Honor. You can go to hell, hell, hell. (full quote)
14963 [Upon being ordered to go after billy the Kid] Sheriff Kimbel: I'd rather drink turpentine and piss on a grassfire. (full quote)
41011 (1)Hello Bob! (2)Aw, shit. [(1) Fires eighteen dimes from a shotgun into the chest of (2)] (1) best dollar-eighty I ever spent! (full quote)
42309 Should we give him a proper burial? (kicking dirt on him) (full quote)
10929 I shall finish the game, Doc. (full quote)
10929 Take your medicine, son. (full quote)
  I'll make you famous (full quote)
Bubbles09 Hey Chavez, what's that word mean...Atse? It's an ancient Navajo word. It means Stop! (full quote)