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Arena - 1991 Movie Quotes

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  '' I once was a gay man.... god please forgive me I didn't mean to make you hate me... forgive me...... FORGIVE ME!!! '' (full quote)
  '' Nick Hesterly is the greatest fighter and hockey player in the whole world.... I will fight in your little stupid gay battle to the death. To prove myself to the great Nick '' (full quote)
  '' MICHAEL JACKSON, how are you so powerful? '' (full quote)
  '' Devan Hesterly come here and show Michael how beautiful the world really is '' (full quote)
  '' ahhhhhh my fucking cock AHHHHHHHH I need you Devan NOW NOW, come little one I need your help '' (full quote)
  '' Devan, I am your father... You came out of my penis and went into a ugly fat girls big hole '' (full quote)
  '' Give me the plastic cup '' (full quote)
  '' No No Nick shut up GOD '' (full quote)
  '' Blow out my asshole you stupid dick fucker '' (full quote)
  '' Kelsey took the plastic cup, She smashed it. It made me cry '' (full quote)
  '' Nick look what bailey did '' (full quote)
  '' Hello, Kelsey is mean til she poops her pants '' (full quote)
  '' NO look at mine it's so funny.. Isn't it funny BE quiet god black kid '' (full quote)
  '' Nick please. Kelsey is annoying don't listen to her, She'll poop her pants. I can't wait to see that day when she takes a full load in the pants of nasty brown and green shit '' (full quote)
  '' NICk stinks like a smelly ass hole. he thinks he is god and actually hes just another stinking pile of shit....hehhe '' (full quote)
  '' DEVAN LET GO OF BAILEY NOW '' (full quote)
  '' WHY WHY... GOD OH WHY.. MY ASS IS WET '' (full quote)
  ''Dildo's please'' (full quote)
  ''David, we are coming for you the FBI told us about your vast intrest in Aliens. We must take you to our leader. He will dictate if you live or must be eliminated. Green team will come to your house tonight at about 11 pm. Mr Bush said he would give us the needed gold and silver for capturing you. Beware of me David........... Beware of the sky. If you hear your door opening at 11 it's us taking you away from your mother and father......... Beware of us aliens fool or else your learn the hard way HA HA HA HA HA HA'' (full quote)
  RIIISEEE RIIISSEEEEE Lord Vader.... you are the choosen one... now take off your pant's and feel the pain. (full quote)
  ''George Luca.... why must I have sex with you... I'm scared... PLEASE NO DONT'' (full quote)
  ''Give me those shoes'' (full quote)