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Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey - 1991 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
evilroy Dude, I can't believe we just melvined Death. (full quote)
4396 Evil Ted: He's totally a robot! Evil Bill: So are you dude! Evil Ted: Well, we're total metalheads! (full quote)
4396 Rufus: A special treat from the 23rd century, Miss Ria Paschelle. Miss Paschelle as you all know is the inventor of the statiophonic, oxyogenetic, amplifier-graphaphoner-delaverberator. Kind of hard to imagine the world before we had them. (full quote)
3225 1) I believe that it was Col. Mustard in the kitchen with the candle stick. 2) Sorry, death. You lose! It was Professor Plum 1) I said Plum! (full quote)
3225 1) Out of 7? 2) DAMN RIGHT! (full quote)
  I've got a full on robot chubby (full quote)
5110 1: Wait, don't kill us! We--we love you. 2: Fags! (full quote)
5110 Don't overlook my butt, I work out all the time. And reaping burns a lot of calories. (full quote)
5110 1: Get down and give me infinity. 2: There is no way we could possibly do infinity push-ups. 3: Well maybe if he lets us do them girly-style... (full quote)
5110 Aim for the cat, dude! Aim for a cat! (full quote)
5110 1: Don't fear the reaper! 2: I heard that! (full quote)
5110 1: You know, if I die, you can have my Megadeth collection. 2: Dude, we are already dead. 1: Oh. Well then they're yours, dude. (full quote)
5110 Dinner's over, wormdude. (full quote)
5110 1: You have sunk my battleship! 2: Yes! 1: You must play me again. 2: WHAT? 1: Uh, best two out of three. (full quote)
5110 You totally killed us, you evil metal dickweeds! (full quote)
5110 You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper. (full quote)
5110 See you real soon. (full quote)
5110 Keep up the good work. (full quote)
5110 STATION! (full quote)
5110 I just totally hocked a loogie on that good dead me! (full quote)
6080 I totally loogied on that good dead me! (full quote)
5533 You ugly, red, sourece of all evil! (full quote)
  Butch and Sundance the early years (full quote)
  Every rose has its thorn, Like every day has its dawn, Like every cowboy sings a sad sad song. (full quote)
6631 Satan: choose...your...eternity! HEHEHEHEHEH! Ted: choose your own, you fag! (full quote)
6631 That was non-non-non-non-heinous!!!! (full quote)
  (after loosing to the dudes again) Ted: 7 out of 10? Grimm Reaper: DAMN RIGHT!!!! (full quote)
  (to God)Reaper: Sorry, they melvined me. (full quote)
10228 (bill to joanna and elisabeth) Well the thing is we were pussweeds but now were metal, so get over here and put out! (full quote)
  bill: I have a feeling we are about to embark upon a most unprecedented expedition. (full quote)
11640 I have a feeling we are about to embark upon a most unprecedented expedition. (full quote)
12171 Aim for the cat dude! Aim for the cat! (full quote)
woody 1) So, this is what hell looks like. 2) We were totally lied to by our album covers. (full quote)
  1)movies 2)9 words 3)butch and sundance ze early years 4)DEATH! 1)smokey und die bandit three.......smokey IS die bandit! (full quote)
10053 Don't overlook my butt! I work out all the time and reaping burns a lot of calories! (full quote)
  choose your own, YOU FAG! (full quote)
woody You totally killed us, you evil metal dickweeds! (full quote)
10110 Greetings, New Age Dudes! (full quote)
  (knock at the door) who could that be? Hey bill its us again (full quote)
shelldog 1)i believe it was col mustard in the study with the candlestick 2)sorry death you're wrong, it was professor plum! 1) i said plum 2)no you didn't you said mustard 3) best of seven? 1) you're damn right (full quote)
  DUDE! I totalLY POSSESSED MY DAD!! (full quote)
  Mideval England,......Iowa (full quote)
  Evil Ted:They're not here! Evil Bill:Yeah,we lied.But here's the truth:we're totally gonna kill you now.(laughs)Bill & Ted:NO WAY! Evil Ted:Yes way,Ted!We're fully programmed to do it. Evil Bill:Yeah,and we wanna do it,too.(laughs)Bill:You dick,Bill!(laughs)(Bill punches Evil Bill)Bill:Ow!You're metal,dude!Evil Bill:I know,check it out! (full quote)
  Sorry, but only the winners get to go back in time! (full quote)
  (after dudes mugged wise men, reaper had a dress on) And this beautiful lady here is the Grim Reaper. (full quote)
  Excuse Me Sir, But your shoelaces are untied....(laughing)..Melvin (full quote)
  you totally killed us you evil metal dickweeds! (full quote)
  DUDE!!! You totaly just gave the Grim Reaper a melvin!!! (full quote)
5150a I can't believe Missy divorced your dad...and married mine! (full quote)
5150a First, we totally kill Bill and Ted, and then we take over their lives! (full quote)
5150a We've been to the past. We've been to the future. We've been all around the afterlife. The best place to be, is here. The best time to be, is now. (full quote)
10929 We've been totally lied to by our album covers. (full quote)
38760 You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later, you dance with the reaper. (full quote)
smitty I'd like to congratulate you on a most excellently played game of charades. (full quote)
smitty Its your mom dude! (full quote)
TheTahoeLT How's it hangin' god? (full quote)
TheTahoeLT How's it hangin' god? (full quote)