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Boyz N the Hood - 1991 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4119 Either they just don't know, don't show, or just don't care. (full quote)
  my grandmomma gave me that football (full quote)
  Give me the fucking gun, Trey. (full quote)
5150a Don't you call me no ho, I ain't no ho. Oh, I'm sorry, bitch. (full quote)
  Any man with a dick can make a baby, but it takes a real man to be a father. (full quote)
5150a Dough, you got one brother left, man. (full quote)
7625 If she your lady how come I stick my ding-a-ling in her every night? (full quote)
8009 I aint from no Africa you from Africa you African booty scratcher! (full quote)
  Big country booty, big country titty.... BOOYAH!!! Must be from eatin' all that cornbread... I guess. (full quote)
  Damn, it smells like a dog died or somethin'. (full quote)
  Hey, lil man. Catch. (full quote)
  Bitch? I ain't nobody's bitch, bitch. (full quote)
  Moon, Stars, Quasars, Muthafucka sound like Elroy Jetson. (full quote)
20924 Hoes gotta eat, too. (full quote)
  Man,get your 4 by 4 head off of me!!!! (full quote)
Magpie First off, you don't know what the fuck I be motherfuckin' knowin'. (full quote)
  I ain't from Africa, you from Africa, you African booty scratcher!! (full quote)
  1) You ain't shit. And you ain't never gonna amount to shit. All you do around here is eat, sleep and shit. 2) Is that it? 1) Hell no that ain't it. It ain't it until i say it's it god damn it. And where you goin you fat fuck, you ain't got a job? (full quote)
  the fool got more comic books then a motha fucka (full quote)
  1.) That's what happened and I haven't heard from her since. 2.) what did you use? 1.) I used the number she gave me. 2.) No, Trey, what did you use for protection? 1.)Oh, she said she was on the pill. 2.)Trey, the pill ain't gonna keep yo dick from fallin off!! (full quote)
  1. Hey Dough, 2. Sup? 1. You still got one brother left man. 2. Thanks man. (full quote)
  (Dough) I'm going to the store (Tre) But you aint got no money (Dough) I'm going anyway (full quote)
  (Tre's Father) I am going to tell you about sex (Tre) I know enough (Tre's Father) what do you know about sex (Tre) I know i stick my ding a ling in her thing (full quote)
  Tre (knocking on a screen door): Hey Sheryl, Sheryl! (Sheryl comes to the door and opens it) Sheryl (desperately): You got some blow? You got some rock? I'll suck ya dick! (full quote)
  Young Tre: Get yo' punk as brother, bitch! I'll get my daddy. At least I got one, motherfucker! (full quote)
  y'all wanna see a dead body? (full quote)
  It's a duce duce, it's loaded. (full quote)
  Domino, Motherfucker! (full quote)
  Why you slam my door like it's a big gorilla on the football field? (full quote)
  You're a prince, Trey. you the prince. And I'm the king. (full quote)
  Y'all wanna see a dead body? (full quote)
  1)Trey's going to live with his father. 2) His father? 1) Yes, his father. Or did you think we made babies by ourselves?! (full quote)
  His daddy gave him that ball. (full quote)
  what you hit me for?! (full quote)
  Baby got more cakes than Duncan Hines. Betcha bite a chip! (full quote)
  Either they dont know... dont show... or dont care... (full quote)
  -I've fingered a few honeys and sucked on some titties, but I never really stuck it in there. --Why not? -You really wanna know? --Yeah. -I was scared. --AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA -SHUTUP!! --What you scared of man? -Of bein' a daddy. --...Oh. (full quote)
  tre:no she was on the pill. tres dad:the pill isnt going to stop from your dack(dick) from falling off. (full quote)
  I aint from Africa im from Crenshaw Mafia. I can deny you from Africa. I aint from Africa you from Africa, you Africa booty scratcher. Punk ill kick your ass. Ill get my brother to shoot you in the face. Get your punk ass brother bitch, ill get my daddy. At least i got one motha fucka. I aint your bitch. Aint nobodys bitch, bitch. Fuck you bitch! (full quote)
  Who dis (full quote)
  This right here is an AB conversation. See (C) your way out. (full quote)
  how can she be your woman if i stick my ding a ling in her (full quote)
  troubles...I ain't got got troubles? (full quote)
47866 Who dis?...*who dis?? Is that how you answer the phone??* Oh, sorry ma, didnt know it was you, ...*put your father on the phone* ok, hang on...DAD! phone for you...( father answers from another room) * Who dat? (full quote)
jaimeL1126 domino mother fucker (full quote)