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Closet Land - 1991 Movie Quotes

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31800 won't never did, not even then. such a knowing look in such young eyes. what made you this way? some hidden streak,an inner sickness? you had no hips then. tiny ribs like a sparrow's bones. i could have broken them all with one rough caress. sugar plum heart beating wildly in its cage. everything so small, so perfect. you took away my innocence too, but when you grew up and had other lovers and when they touched you or breathed your name, you froze and thought of me. (full quote)
31800 Because thou hast the power and own'st the grace to look through and behind this mask of me, against which, years have beat thus blanchingly, with thier rains, and behold my soul's true face. (full quote)
31800 here comes the candle to light you to bed, and here comes the chopper to chop off your head.. (full quote)