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Cool as Ice - 1991 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  Drop the zero and get with the hero. (full quote)
  Looky looky looky in Kat's black booky. (full quote)
  you hit pretty good for a girl (full quote)
  Whackhead was tryin' to play baseball with my homeboy's bike!! (full quote)
1250 Yep yep, she likes me. (full quote)
1250 Just tell me one thing. Who you being true to now? (full quote)
1250 1. So where you from, anyway? 2. Around. 1. Around? 2. Yep yep. 1. Well that doesn't tell me very much! 2. Doesn't it? (full quote)
1250 It ain't where you're from, it's where you at, anyway. And right now I'm here with you...Kat. (full quote)
1250 1. Yo, wassup ma'am! 2. Can I help you? 1. Yeah, I'm looking for Kat. 1. We don't have a cat. (full quote)
1250 Hey Kat, words of wisdom. Drop that zero and get with the hero. (full quote)
1250 1. Hey, homie, how'm I doin? 2. Slammin'. (full quote)
1250 1. So what's up with tomorrow? 2. I don't know man, so what's up with tomorrow? 1. what are we doin'? 2. I'm waiting. 1. For me? 2. For my organiser. Goodnight... 1. Dissed again. (full quote)
1250 1. I was just thinking. 2. Mm-hmm.....about? 1. About you, and my organiser. 1. Organiser?? 2. You have 24 hours to return it to me the way you found it...oh excuse me, the way you stole it....or I'm gonna call the cops. 2. If that's all you wanted, then why'd you dance with me? 1. To show you I could. (full quote)
1250 As soon as you stop making sex? (full quote)
1250 1. Well.... 2. Well.... 1. I'll see you later. 2. You're seeing me now. (full quote)
1250 So who's Monique? (full quote)
1250 1. Cathy! Do you know what you're doing? 2. I hope not. 1. Well I hope you like being a biker chick, because you're not gonna see me, or my car, again. 3. Imagine that. (full quote)
1250 You know something Nick, you really are a dick. (full quote)
1250 Get in the car, Cathy. I said get in the car, Cathy - HEY! I'm talking to you! (full quote)
1250 Hi Mum, Dad, Cathy. I am making this tape to tell you what a really good time I am having with my new friends. They have told me a lot about you, Dad, and I do not think that you have treated them fairly. So I will stay here until you do. If you change your mind in the next 24 hours, I will come home. If you don't, I won't. So do what you have to do, and everything will be okay. (full quote)
1250 Chillin' with Cat. You know, the chick who drives the horse! (full quote)
1250 1. Sometimes I want to do something wild...just because I never have. 2. Why don't you? *kisses him* (full quote)
1250 People can be anything they want to be, as long as they're willing to work. And that's all I've been doing. With a little help. (full quote)
1250 1. You know I'm outta here. 2. Oh, I thought we were outta here. (full quote)
10119 You must be mistaken me for bein bent! (full quote)
11314 Drop that zero and get with the hero. (full quote)
  - See you tomorrow Kate. - I don't want you to see her tomorrow or any other day. - Isn't it up to her? - Get the hell out of here. (full quote)
  I Faughaut sumthin (full quote)
41321 1: See ya later, dick... 2: It's Nick. 1: Oh yea, yea... NICK... (full quote)
41321 I'm gonna go across the street and, uh, schling a schlong. (full quote)