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Dying Young - 1991 Movie Quotes

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12153 [Serving Victor his dinner] Hilary: Dinner. Victor: Thanks. Hilary: Eggs. Victor: Thank you. Hilary: That's all this redhead could find. There's no real food in the house. Unless you want a Twinkie omelet. Victor: Ha! Twinkie omelet. (full quote)
12153 Shauna: So how much is he paying you? Hilary: 400 big ones. Shauna: Fuck me! ...Not you. (full quote)
12153 Malachi: And may I assume from the intense odor of mayonnaise you'll be dining in tonight? Victor Geddes: Uh, actually, no, we're going out, right, honey? Hilary O'Neil: Sure. Victor Geddes: We're going out. (full quote)
23682 Number of players on a baseball team, Gordo! (full quote)
  Victor:It hurts to be around you Hilary make me want to live so much Hilary:then live Victor, you don't know what's going to happen, you don't know when your going to die, nobody does, but we have right now, so fight Victor, live with me Victor:I cant do that, look at you, you are so.... young....and so beautiful, and smart, you can do anything Hilary, why....why do you want to do this. Hilary:Because i love you, and if you come back with me to the hospital and fight for us i will never leave you Victor, but you have to fight and if you get well....when you get well i'll be there with you and if you die i'll hold your hand, i'll hold your hand, and the last thing you ever see will be me because I Love You Victor:I Love You (full quote)
10929 Twinkie omelet. (full quote)
  Will you love me for the rest of my life? No...I'll love you for the rest of mine (full quote)
  Die young already, bitch! (full quote)