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Father of the Bride - 1991 Movie Quotes

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  'Dad, I don't think you would want the word on a wedding invitation' (full quote)
  I remember how her little hand used to fit inside mine (full quote)
3378 Daddy! I met a man in Rome! And he's handsome, and brilliant, and we're getting married! (full quote)
  Independent? That's a code word for unemployed! (full quote)
  I love this house. We change it all though. (full quote)
4066 Don't forget to fasten your condoms! Seatbelts, I mean seatbelts! (full quote)
  who else can we ask not to eat your parents my mother (full quote)
  i use to think a wedding was a simple affair boy and girl meet he buys a ring she buys a dress they say i do. i was wrong that's getting married a wedding is entirely different (full quote)
9841 1-So how old is he? 2=26. Not 45. You guys still think I can't hear you when you're one room away. (full quote)
  I'm removing the superfluous buns. (full quote)
  Hey, you in the blue tux! (full quote)
14345 1)It's going to be 250 a head. 2)what? Oh, I almost had a heart attack, I thought you said it was going to be 150 a head. 1)No, I said 250 a head. (full quote)
14345 Okay, let's get this show on the road. (full quote)
14740 1) Now, let's see. Ah, this is what I suggest. I suggest who choose the cake, because the cake very often determine what kind of wedding you end up having, so let's just choose the cake, okay? 2) Choose...choose the what? 3) The cake, dad! (full quote)
14740 1) You must be Frank. 2) I wish. I'm Frank's assistant, Howard Weinstein. (full quote)
  What..what is that face? It's nothing...Aww this is going to end up costing you more money. No. How I'll know I will remember this moment for the rest of my life. (full quote)
  1.) Now will you go talk to her before she runs out that door, marries this kid and we never see her again? 2.) Kid... how do you know he's a kid, he could be 45 years old! (full quote)
  the CAKE frank, is made of sugar and water! (full quote)
14740 Nice shack, babe. (full quote)
14740 1. It's the seventh door on the left. 2. second? 1. Seventh. 3. Seventh! (full quote)
beth - Good news, the church is free - Finally, something's free - I mean available (full quote)
beth - $1200 for a cake? My first car didn't cost that much - Welcome to the 90's Mr Banks (full quote)
beth - It's not navy blue. Calvin Klein don't make suits in navy blue - Calvin Klein also don't make polyester (full quote)
24986 1) Annie brought me this candy bar all the way from Rome. 2) And let's not get it on our American furniture. (full quote)
24986 Okay! I met somebody in Rome. Um, he's an American. Uh, he's from L.A., actually. And um, his name's Brian MacKenzie. And he's this completely wonderful, wonderful, amazing man, and...well, we starting seeing each other, a lot...and, um...we fell in love. Ha! Ha! It actually happened! And, uh, we've decided to get married...which means that, I'm engaged! Ha! I'm engaged! I'm getting married! HA! (full quote)
24986 I've always been a concerned parent. I'm big on car seats, seat belts, bed times, curfews, calling when you get somewhere, never running with a sharp object. what can I say? I'm a father. Worrying comes with the territory. (full quote)
24986 (NINA) what does Brian do? (GEORGE) Who's Brian? (NINA) Oh! (GEORGE) I forgot his name! (full quote)
24986 1) I think he's adorable. 2) I don't like him. 3) Oh, George! 4) He's wearing Nikes! (full quote)
24986 All right, hold on. I didn't think I believed in marriage until I met Brian. Brian's not like any other guy I've ever known. I want to be married to him. And I'm not going to lose my identity with him because he's not some overpowering, macho guy. He's like you, Dad! Except he's brilliant. (full quote)
24986 what about that little rehearsed speech he gave that was right out of a book. 'How to Grease Your Future Mother-In-Law.' (full quote)
24986 1) Well, it really shouldn't matter how I look. We're not here to win their approval. Just because you changed your outfit five times. 2) Oh, and you didn't try on nine different shirts? (full quote)
24986 1) Oh, and here's the rest of our family. Oh, don't worry. They look like killers but they're actually quite friendly. As long as you're relaxed, why, they're relaxed. 2) Hi, puppy, puppy, puppy! 3) GRRRUFFFFF!!!!! (full quote)
24986 1) Well, the reason I'm asking all these questions is I have a great idea where we can have this lovely, not small, but not too big wedding. 2) You do? Where? 3) At our favorite restaurant. The place we've been eating at for fifteen years. The best. The Steak Pit! 2) Dad, get serious. 1) I don't think you want the word 'Pit' on a wedding invitation, George. (full quote)
24986 Right away I realized this was a mistake of gargantuan proportions. This guy was going to coordinate our wedding? How? With subtitles? (full quote)
24986 1) I haven't been acting crazy. I've simply been acting like any normal, red-blooded, American dad. 2) Normal? Uh-huh. Okay. Falling into the MacKenzie's pool. Suggesting The Steak Pit as a wedding reception. Oh, watching 'America's Most Wanted' every night looking for Brian's face, and now this picnic scenario? (full quote)
24986 Mm. I love the weddings at the homes. They're very personable. Very warm and very comfortable. So, January 6th, give us seven months. Oh- oh, hello! That's five months! Five months not much, but...that don't bother me so much because it's a little bit tight but we can do it and it will be spectacular! (full quote)
24986 1) Get me Nina at work! 2) She just called. 3) I need the final head count. 4) She just gave it to me. 5) what is it? One-fifty...? 6) Five hundred and seventy-two. (full quote)
24986 1) All right, what about Harry Kirby? We haven't seen him in ages. 2) I don't know. 3) Didn't Harry Kirby die last year? 4) Yes! Good! Oh, well...sorry. (full quote)
24986 1) We're having swans? 2) Franck thought it would be great to have swans waddling around the tulip border, you know, as the guest enter. It would be really romantic... 3) Nina, we don't have a tulip border. 4) You will. (full quote)
24986 1) I only invited one person: Cameron. Mom said I could have a friend there. 2) For two hundred and fifty bucks you can see Cameron after the wedding. All right, very good. Five down. We're rolling... (full quote)
  1) It's a cappuccino maker! 2) it's supposed to be top of the line...makes great foam 1) I couldn't love anything more. 2) 'my thoughts exactly' (full quote)
  I'll handle this, George. Give me your wallet. (full quote)
  Some big shot over at the weiner company got together with some big shot over at the bun company and decided to rip off the american public!!! (full quote)
  frank( we do not want to lose him, he's a genius and we need his mind) talking about howard weinstein (full quote)
  (Maddie) Dad you better disguise this with Mom. (George) Mike-calem (full quote)
  the wedding was still on (full quote)
  That gives me 7 months, ahh, HELLO!! 5 months. (full quote)
A-Boynix I don't think so. Armani never mad a blue tuxedo (full quote)
24986 1) Excuse me, sir, but what are you doing? 2) I'll tell you what I'm doing. I want to buy eight hot dogs and eight hot dog buns to go with them. But no one sells eight hot dog buns. They only sell twelve hot dog buns. So I end up paying for four buns I don't need. So I am removing the superfluous buns. (full quote)
24986 My first move was to get the old tuxedo out of mothballs. (full quote)
24986 1) It started out as nothing really. He gave me a present. It's our eight month anniversary today and he gave me...just look! He said it was for me. For our apartment. Just look. 2) It's a blender. 3) Yeah. Exactly! I mean, I didn't want to act thrown or anything, but inside I was. I mean, I thought something for the apartment...maybe a new clock, or a cool phone, or a great art book, or something...but a blender? I mean, what is this? 1958? Give the little wife a blender?! (full quote)
24986 1) I'm sorry, sir. But you're going to have to pay for all twelve buns. They're not marked individually. 2) Yeah. And you want to know why? Because some big-shot over at the wiener company got together with some big-shot over at the bun company and decided to rip off the American public. Because they think the American public is a bunch of trusting nit-wits who will pay for everything they don't need rather than make a stink! 3) Get me security. (full quote)
24986 1) Oh oh. I bring the wrong color thread. I assumed you'd be wearing a block tuxado. 2) It is a 'block tuxado'. 3) I don't think so, babe. This tux is navy blue! 4) What are you talking about? Armani doesn't make a blue tuxedo. 5) Armani don't also make polyester. (full quote)
24986 1) Why do you look happy to see me in here, Nina? 2) Happy? No. No. No. I'm not happy, George. You think I was happy to tell everyone that I had to come down to the city jail and bail you out for stealing hot dog buns? (full quote)
24986 Let's go. line up. Mother of the bride? Come on, mother of the bride. Here we go. I'm opening the doors. Natashia, haven't you peeked enough? Here we go. Come on, let's go. And...left...right...very nice...Right and left...Right and left... (full quote)
24986 By the way, great wedding, Mr. banks. And don't worry. I didn't eat anything. (full quote)
24986 (NINA) 'I will stop making faces in general and I will definitely stop telling everybody how much this wedding is costing.' (GEORGE) I don't tell everyone how much it costs! (NINA) He told you, right? (OFFICER) Two hundred and fifty a head? (GEORGE) Oh, well, thanks! (full quote)
24986 My daughter. Been studying abroad. Been flying for eleven hours. I'm not wild about her being in the air. You got kids, Juan. You understand. It's better when they're on the ground. (full quote)
24986 1) Oh! My! My! Oh, so, oh my...and that's your engagement ring, huh? 2) Yes! Yes! We got it at a flea market outside of Rome. The guy we bought it from said that it's at least a hundred years old...So, Dad. Stop it. Say something. (full quote)
24986 Give me a little credit, George. I'm not going to marry some ape who wants me to wear go-go boots and an apron. (full quote)
24986 1) He's an independent communications consultant. 2) Independent? (full quote)
24986 1) I've heard so much about you. It's great to finally meet you, sir! 2) 'Sir.' Two words now crossed my mind: 'brown' and 'nose.' (full quote)
24986 1) And uh, why are you 'independent'? what was that? 2) Because no one can afford to keep him on staff. (full quote)