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Highway 61 - 1991 Movie Quotes

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26175 Tomorrow he's going to wake up with his nipple ring ripped out, a new monkey in his closet and a 14 year old asian boy lying next to him in a diabedic coma. He won't remember a thing except that we're taking our trick asses to Seatle! (full quote)
10929 --Now I know why they call you Pokey. --Now I know why they call you Bangs. (full quote)
10929 Lady, you can't cheat at bingo. (full quote)
  I got everything man I got coke soaked in wine coolers and I got wine coolers ahhh ahhhhh ahhhh soaked in coke, I got ecstacy bwwwwww cops gonna come and get me cops on their way to get me bwwwwwewwwww so what do you guys want? (full quote)