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Man in the Moon, The - 1991 Movie Quotes

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  where were you , what were you doing (full quote)
  well Danny i hope your boobs get bigger and yoru butt fill out (full quote)
  I loved him mama. (full quote)
14786 I love you court! (full quote)
14786 You don't give an inch, do you? (full quote)
MaggieForMargaret 1:Are you always in the habit of going where you're not wanted or is this a new thing with you? 2: Are you always this nice to people you just met or are you practicin' up to be a horse's butt? (full quote)
MaggieForMargaret 1: I'm afraid nothing's ever gonna make sense again. 2: Maybe life's not supposed to make sense, Danielle? 1: Doesn't that scare you? 2: Yes. (full quote)
  Are you always this ugly to people you just met, or are you practicin' up to be a horse's butt? (full quote)
  1. Mama, this thing ain't workin'. 2. Well what's wrong with it? 3. I don't know. 4. Well it needs more salt. 5. Well we're outta salt. (full quote)
  do u think we will always talk maureen?.....ALWAYS! (full quote)
  I want to know you, I want to know you all I can. (full quote)
  1) If you were a little bit older... 2) If I were a little bit older, I could do just about everything, couldn't I? (full quote)
17169 I loved him mama. I don't know how to stay alive without him. (full quote)
17169 1. You don't know what she did. 2. I know enough. I know she's hurtin' just as much as you are... maybe more. And I know that you hatin' your sister is not gonna bring Court back. (full quote)
17169 1. I want you to be the first boy I ever kiss. 2. I thought you'd been kissed 'so many times.' (pause; then he kisses her) How was that? 1. Perfect. (full quote)
  Someday someones gonna get your cherry....and it ain't gonna be me, because I wouldn't like myself very much for it (full quote)
17169 1. I love you Court. 2. Don't! Don't love me now, when everything is so messed up. (full quote)
17169 (Court leans into kiss Maureen)She's my sister. (full quote)
17169 1. He kissed you yet? 2. All the time. 1. Is he a good kisser? 2. He's alright (full quote)
  Hey...Hey yourself! (full quote)
  COURT-well maybe if you were just a little bit older you could understand, DANI-if i where just a little bit older i could do everythink, couldn't i Court. (full quote)
  no nothing happened sir (full quote)
  DANI SAYING THIS IS SHOCK: Daddy,,,,, DAD: What is it sweetie DANI:it's court, the tractor, it's court,,, help (IN DEEP PANIC) Submitted by Becky UK (full quote)
  Doctor: It's a girl Mrs. Trant. Abigail: Someone's going to be very heartbroken. (full quote)
43385 Dani: I love you, Court. Court Foster: Don't! Don't love me now. When things are so mixed up. (full quote)
  Dani: you always this rude to people you just met, or are you practicing up to be a horses butt? Court: little girls shouldnt talk nasty. Dani: Im not a little girl, im 14. (court slams his truck door shut)court: my goodness. Dani: your not much older, what 16? Court:Im 17. Dani: uh my goodness (while she slams her door shut) (full quote)
48652 Are you sure you can find your way, it's an awful big town. (full quote)
48652 You are too Dani! You're a little girl and you don't know what you're doing. (full quote)
48652 Did'ja ever like somebody so much... that it almost made'ja sick? (full quote)