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Night on Earth - 1991 Movie Quotes

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5172 I lived in the country and there weren't many women and though you're still a kid inside you feel a man's feeling and there was no way to . . . release this feeling. So the idea, not mine, but a real intelligent friend of mine's, of relieving ourselves with . . . we made love with . . . how do I say this. With pumpkins. Warm, soft, damp, with seeds inside, so round. (full quote)
5172 Love is something every man needs, not with a vegetable, but with something alive! Something that moves, that's warm, that looks you in the eyes. Something with a soul. Anyway, there was a . . . a sheep. A beautiful little sheep! She was nice, kind, pretty. I called her Lola. Not an ugly old sheep like the others, but a little sheep. So delicate, refined! (full quote)
5172 I don't know if you ever made love with your sister-in-law, father, but you should try it, because it's absolute heaven. (full quote)