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Proof - 1991 Movie Quotes

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crowecat (Blind boy touches sleeping mother) Martin, I’ve told you before, you can’t touch people whenever you want, fingers they aren’t the same as eyes. It’s rude. (full quote)
crowecat Ha Ha Ha! A blind photographer. Now that, that goes down as weird side of the week. (full quote)
crowecat [Blind man speaking] I was there, Andy. I probably know more about what was in that vet’s waiting room than you would. I know there were 2 florescent lights because they have a distinctive hum. The light above us was faulty because it flickered intermittently. I know the floor was covered in old worm linoleum because I could feel it through by shoes and I heard footsteps on it. I could tell there was a woman wearing high heels and expensive perfume and I could also smell disinfectant and sick animals. And you, a mixture of detergent and garlic. (full quote)
crowecat [Blind man speaking] (1)Celia has no heart. Celia is my house keeper. A vile woman and I hate her. (2) If you hate her so much, why do you keep her on? (1) She wants me. I know if I continue to deny her what she wants, she can never feel pity for me. Instead, I can pity her. (full quote)
crowecat [In hospital after hitting police car] (1)You’ve been blind all your life. what were you doing driving a car? (2) I forgot. (full quote)