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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze - 1991 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  Guys, guys! I have two words that will make everything better.....Time Share! (full quote)
  Didn't we see these guys on 'WrestleMania'? (full quote)
5473 You guys were all slime! (full quote)
5473 Go Ninja Go Ninja Go! (full quote)
5473 You guys are under arrest! (full quote)
  Hey Mike, you think you can crunch any louder? I can still hear! (full quote)
8282 Leo: Rightous Raph: Radical Mike: Awesome Don: Aucapella. Others: Huh? Don: Perastrika Others: huh...? Don: Oh, wait I got one, Frair-a-Joka! Frair-a-Joka, Frair-a-Joka! Mike: Don, Give it up. Don: Ohhh... (full quote)
  Wise man says: forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for a late pizza. (full quote)
3225 1) Which one of you girls would like to ride with me tonight? 2) Dream on Dweeb 1) Okay, but when I do I'll dream of someone a little thinner (full quote)
9982 April: These are mine. I like to do a little chucking every now and then. (full quote)
9982 Leo: Wait first we must observe the uhh ancient ritual of the duh, traditional pre fight donut. (full quote)
9982 Professor Perry: what did you expect they'd come out quoting Macbeth? (full quote)
9982 Mike: Not to criticize science or anything but wouldn't it be easier to call it..the pink one? (full quote)
9982 Leo: Ya well if she does tell him thanks for wasting our time because now instead of going and looking for the foot and the ooze like we should we have to out and look for him instead! (full quote)
  SHREDDER!!! Thanks raph I may never have the hiccups again (full quote)
  Get it? Got it! good! Uhh, I dont get it! (full quote)
  The good names all end in O. (full quote)
  It's quiet! Yeah, a little too quiet! That was easy! Yeah, a little too easy! Look! Theres Raph! Yeah, a little too Raph! hahahah (full quote)
  I made another funny! (full quote)
  I may never have the hiccups again! (full quote)
  You take the ugly one! No, I'll take the ugly one! No, I will! Which ones the ugly one?!! (full quote)
  rawhide of the robocop.heeyaw ninja cowboy! (full quote)
  like video games in 3-d.hey where do you put the quarters? (full quote)
  yeah were just lookin around for a muffler for a 77 chevy. (full quote)
  if i had a face ugly as yours i try to find a personality.hahaha. (full quote)
Luna 1)I've got two words that could solve all our housing problems...time share.2)hm, not quite ripe yet. (full quote)
Luna Ya wanna pickle, I'll give you a pickle! (full quote)
Luna Maybe we should have brought bagels! (full quote)
20188 it's quiet. yeh a little too quiet. well that was easy. yeh a little too easy. hey there's Raph! yeh, a little too Raph! (full quote)
20947 Mike: Hey, guys! Wax on, wax off, wax on- Raph: Mouth off. (full quote)
23080 COMBAT COLDCUTS!! (full quote)
  1.) It's quiet 2.) yea a little too quiet *beats up two foot clan members* 1.) Well that was easy 2.) Yea, a little too easy. *spots Raph* 1.) Its Raph! 2.) Yea, a little too Raph. (full quote)
  Yo, it's the green machine, gonna rock the town without being seen, have you ever seen a turtle get down, slammin, jammin, to the new swing sound, yeah (full quote)
  1. are you sure this is going to work? 2. is, like, schwarzineiger hard to spell? (full quote)
  and next time I'll use mustard!! (full quote)
20947 Raph: You know what they say: The bigger they are- (ATTACK MONSTER ANS FALLS PAINFULLY TO THE GROUND) Mike: The more bones they break. (full quote)
20947 Donny: It's quiet. Leo: A little TOO quiet. Donny: That was easy. Leo: A little TOO easy. Donny: Look! It's Raph! Mike: Yeah, A little TOO Raph. (full quote)
BBKF Go ninja go ninja go. Go ninja go ninja go. (full quote)
20947 Wait, I got it. Frara Jaca. Frara Jaca, frara jaca... Donny, give it up! (full quote)
20947 1: Wax on, wax off, wax on- 2: Mouth off. (full quote)
  And next time i'll use mustard!!! (full quote)
  Leo:Why the heck is Don and Mikey eating pizza sticks?! (full quote)
  Mike:Hey look what I got,dudes.5 nice and fresh cheese pizzas!cool,huh? (full quote)
  Great! All we need now is wide world of sports and a blimp! (full quote)
  ahh a fellow numchucker ehh? (full quote)
  Hahaha.. I made another funny! (full quote)
  I've said it once and and I'll say it again. Man I love being a turtle. (full quote)
10929 Yeah, remind me to drop a line to Ralph Nader. (full quote)
20947 1: Look! It's Raph! 2: A little TOO Raph. (full quote)
20947 1: Wax on- 2: Mouth OFF. (full quote)
30697 Now its time for the traditional pre-fight doughnut!! (full quote)
30697 TGI I knew something was up with those guys! (full quote)
30697 Don't worry me and you will find a place soon Paulina (full quote)
30697 Ya know I heard Connecticut has really nice sewers! (full quote)