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Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken - 1991 Movie Quotes

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14058 I'll show them that I can jump that horse blind. (full quote)
  AH am an ACTRESS! Not a circus performah. Ah'm going to new york City and next time you see me, Ah'm gonna be a BIG STAR! And YOU will still be shovelin' manure. (full quote)
  yyyuuupp. (pinstriped?) double-breasted. yyuuuup. (full quote)
  I walked down the street to the clip and curl (full quote)
Gail With that last dive began 11 years of diving blind. (full quote)
  Manure just happens to be my spec-e-ality! (full quote)
  sonora, in this life there are limitations! you cant run from them, you cant hide from them, and you cant change them. they simply are. (full quote)