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Beyond the Law - 1992 Movie Quotes

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  So get your shit together cuz we're going to a fucking wedding (full quote)
Michael Myers I hate rednecks almost as much as guys who piss themselves. (full quote)
  nobody lives forever... thats a fact (full quote)
10929 We can't stop the fire. (full quote)
46701 Dan Saxxon - Raise your right hand Virgil Virgil - I do! Dan Saxxon (Rolls his eyes) - Not yet asshole, we got a whole ceremony to do first. Virgil - Sorry man (full quote)
46701 Virgil - If I was a Narc and I wanted to get into some serious dope, I´d hang out with bikers. Bikers control all the heavy dope. Dan Saxxon - I don´t know SHIT about bikers Virgil - I could teach you. Well I ain´t like a member or nothing, but ah, they need me. I work on their bikes. There ain´t nothing about a scooter I can´t fix. Well hell, when I get through with you, you gonna walk, talk and shit like a biker. (full quote)
46701 Oatmeal - Yeah I guess we got some guns. Pick yourself out one, we beshooting some cans... or something. You got any money? Virgil - Has he got any money! Jesus Christ is the Pope a Cadillac!? (full quote)
TMLL Bogus Charlie: My grandfather once told me what to do when surrounded by white men with rifles. Dan Saxon: what? Bogus Charlie: Give the fuck up! (full quote)