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Captain Ron - 1992 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
14477 He did it on can see it in his eyes. Excuse me...his eye! (full quote)
14477 He did it on can see it in his eyes. Excuse me...his eye! (full quote)
14477 -Caroline honey, where'd you get this tattoo? -At Mumba's shop. -No, where on your body!? -Mom, it's kinda private. -You let a guy with a SPIDER on his head tattoo you someplace...kinda private?!? (full quote)
14477 -And I know that we are near land! -Tell the good people how you know that Captain Ron. -Pay attention...when we left we had just enough fuel to make it to San Juan...and we are out of fuel!! (full quote)
14477 -It's on this island San Pomme De Terre.-That means potato. -No it doesn't. -Yes it does honney, it means Saint Potato (full quote)
14477 -Dad, Dan. -Ben, would you be quiet...we're tring to have a family discussion here! (full quote)
14477 -Oh hey a Mrs. Harvey. You lucky dog I bet she keeps your clock wound huh? -Ha, no that's my daughter Caroline. (full quote)
14477 -Please don't let my children find me drown and naked in a shower! (full quote)
14477 -That's half the money I have. -Well, shit happens, cough it up. (full quote)
14477 -BACK ON THE RAFT, BACK ON THE RAFT!! -Why? -Read the sign... (she starts reading) Let's just focus on the main part... -Cuba. We're in Cuba? -What's so bad about Cuba? -yea I agree with Caroline...honey it land. -You're listening to someone who's world views are based on I Love Lucy re-runs. The world has changed a lot since Ricky Ricardo. (full quote)
  If I shoot I'll miss him and hit the girl. Dad? Bang! Don't sneak up on me like that! Dad the boats on fire! MOM......MOM! (full quote)
  oh this? Shark bit my eye! (full quote)
  1-what were they doing? 2-Nothing....they were playing hide the salami in the shower. *1 spits up* 2- OH COME ON KID! (full quote)
  Hey, gets your hands off that ... if you want a beer, you get your own. (full quote)
10929 I'm Captain Ron. (full quote)
crowecat The man took us to the wrong freaking island! (full quote)
crowecat 1)(doubtingly)what pirates?! 2) The pirates of the Caribbean. 1) (mockingly) Been to Disneyland one too many times, Captain Ron? (full quote)
crowecat Not gorilla, guerilla. Huge difference. HUGE! (full quote)
37904 We're not having any guns on this boat! (full quote)
  A boat likes it's oil like a sailor likes his Rum (full quote)
  Well boss, a diesel needs its oil like a sailor needs his rum. (full quote)