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Child's Play 3 - 1991 Movie Quotes

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5151 Do you know what the french word for sex is? Le petit morte--the little death. (full quote)
5373 Well, what do ya know. Chuck's gonna be a bro! (full quote)
  DeSILVA: You asshole. (SHELTON snaps his head to the right & approaches DeSilva) SHELTON: Would you care to repeat that, DeSilva? DeSILVA: I said you asshole, sir! SHELTON: You think you're pretty funny, don't you, DeSilva? DeSILVA: Yes I do, sir. SHELTON: Why don't you drop 'n' gimmie 25. DeSILVA: 25 what, sir? SHELTON: 25 pushups, DeSilva? (full quote)
  PRESTO! You're dead! (full quote)
  Just think. Chucky's gonna be a bro! (full quote)
  that hair cut is aganst regulations (full quote)
20947 That haircut is against regulations! (full quote)
  Solid! (full quote)
  nothing like a little strangulation to get the circulation going (full quote)
33501 Chucky's gonna be a bro. (full quote)
  Tyler, come out, come out, wherever you are. Olly olly oxen free! Get out there, you little son of a bitch! (full quote)
  Sayonara, sucker! (full quote)
  I'm new and improved. (full quote)
  where the hell's Andy? (full quote)
aikidocool You gata be fucking kidding me. (full quote)