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Encino Man - 1992 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
2946 I love it when she calls me David (full quote)
2946 It's your cavenug! (full quote)
2946 You smell! (full quote)
2946 He's dope, I'd go out with him! (full quote)
2946 Aww dude, he's checkin her cheeks! (full quote)
2946 Stoney is the crustiest vato, I've ever witnessed! (full quote)
2946 Hello little one (full quote)
1212 1)Betty. 2)Betty? 1)Betty. Betty Nuggs. 2)Betty Nuggs? (full quote)
1212 Stoney is the crustiest va-to, I've ever wit-nessed. (full quote)
1212 Wheeze the juice! (full quote)
1212 So don't tax my gig so hard-core, cruster. (full quote)
1212 I think he's tracking a fly. (full quote)
1212 Lose the Geek Squad, they're bad for your deal. (full quote)
6051 No weezing the juice. (full quote)
5150a El queso es viejo y petrido. Donde esta el sanitarios? (full quote)
9013 Shush! (full quote)
10350 Mr. Morgan, If you're edged cuz im weezin all your grindage, just chill.. cuz if i had the whole brady bunch thing goin on over at my pad, id go grind over there, so dont taxt my gig so hardcore cruster. (full quote)
11412 computer club, computer club (full quote)
  To chill or not to chill, that's the question. (full quote)
1454 I'm not a nerd! I'm a weasel! (full quote)
  Oww! You hurt my lobes! (full quote)
14721 1:What's my mom screaming about? 2:She's bumed cause I snaked her last bagel (full quote)
14721 Look David please do me a favour and stress less bro, high school is over buddy get into it were loo-zers. (full quote)
14721 1:I mean it's not enough I want my own page in the yearbook 2:Jump off the gym splatter on the street and go for the co-ver 1:that's not funny, Iam not going down as some geek kid from Encino, when I finnish this pool Iam going to have the killer party after the prom, Iam going to be prom king, and iam going to graduate a ledgend.. 2:but what about me? 1:oh well you'll be there to 2:thanks (full quote)
14721 1:You gotta help me dig em out, look you were here your part of it 2: I dont wanna be a part of anything Iam just happy to be me 1:It could mean money, you tell me you couldn't use a new scooter, some new bellbottom's, a little fundage weez some older nugs with a mansion and a pool, soaking up the rays, watching all the je-pardy you can handle 2:that was the clincher 1:everybody's got a price 1:come on (full quote)
14721 1:David going somewhere? 2: Ya I got a date with your mom (full quote)
14721 1: He melted 2:Dave it wasn't ment to happen come on I'll go buy you some ho-ho's (full quote)
14721 1:Link and I had a stoney time at the mountain 2: are you crazy? you took him to mega mountain!?!? 1: ya cause there riding the vapour in reverse. 2: really cool (full quote)
14721 1:Ya know Mr.M the way I look at it someday me and your daughter will get married and we will be related 2: I count the days (full quote)
14721 Shoe fly don't bother, me shoe fly dont bother me, shoe fly don't bother me, cause you belong to my friend Link, good catch,...meat group! (full quote)
14721 1:Do you wanna be a man essa? 2: evantualy look i'am almost there look at my patch bro...this is tequilla right? where's the worm? 2:the worm's right there essa 1: uh uh Iam a weasel 2:do wanna be a man weasel? do wanna be a man essa? (full quote)
14721 Stoney is the crustiest Vato I've ever wit-nessed so don't harsh his gig bud-dy Oooooooooooowwwwwwww!! (full quote)
14721 Those are desperate words of a loser, maybe Matt Wilson was right about you all along (full quote)
  I'm a stoney-crusty dude. Didja know that? (full quote)
  Stoney: But David, I am popular! David: Yeah, you travel in large groups of one (full quote)
  I am Stoney the crusty dude (full quote)
  link your probably used to eatin twigs,but here in the USA we have what you call the 4 basic food groups(link picking up a banana)and link this is not one of um.fist group the dairie group,milk duds,you hide these under your pillow so your mom doesnt find them if she does your tweaked bro.second group,fruit gruop,sweet tarts,these are outratisally citrusy.keep rollin.third group vegatible group,corn nuts,man you buy these by the pound.(DING)meat group!these are my favorite (link biting into).hey!equil,equil, 50-50.ok, now for drinks,slurpees.this is what put this place on the map bro.(chugging slurpee from machine)(storeclerk)mr.stoney!dont do that here!(stoney)kashmer,rasmmere why dont you just you chill ok cause were going to the mountain and we decided before we go wed weez the ju-ice.(second storeclerk)no butts chill!get out of my store!(stoneylink leave)(link goes back in store w/sunglasses on)ill be back.(link leaves)(storeclerk)no butts chill! (full quote)
  four wheelin over the ferns. (full quote)
  stoney-kashmere,rashmere how many minutes for the burito again. kashmere-1 minute. rashmere-2 minute. kashmere-1 1/2 minute. stoney-ahh make up your mellons is it 1 or 2? kashmere-1 1/2 minute. (full quote)
  hey buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddyyyyyyyyyy! (full quote)
  Stoney: feel it dave it's chillin,its not chillin chillin, i mean its really chillin. Dave: i know it's cold. (full quote)
  Look, Mr. Morgan if ur edgin cuz i'm weazin on ur grindge, just chill. cuz if i had the whole brady bunch thing happenin at my pad i'd go grind over there so dont tax my gig so hardcore cruster (full quote)
  Dave: stop where did u go? u just took off after school, u kno how worried i've been? Stoney: u sound like my mom. Dave: u cant do that to me. whats on his nose? Stoney: Chill Dave cuz Link and I had a stoney time up at the mountain. Dave: u took him to mega mountain r u crazy? Stoney: yea cuz their ridin The Vapor in reverse. Dave: they r? Stoney: mmmhmm. Dave: o cool. Link: check out fresh nugs, weazin the juice owwwwwww bud-dy, check out my cat owww. Dave: o no u got him talkin like u now. Link&Stoney: Owwwwwwwww. (full quote)
  (link jumps off the stairs) Stoney: Link hows ur melon bud-dy. (full quote)
  ?: u can drop him off in front of blades tonite right. Stoney: o wait can Dave and i come too. ?: u smell. (stoney gets hit) Stoney: hey signorita that hurt my lope i didnt do it they started the whole thing. (full quote)
  All you ever cared about is nugs, chillin and grindge. (full quote)
  RADmobile!!! (full quote)
  Dave: u know they never found jimmy haffa. or ____ mahoney. Stoney: or Jimmy Mahoney. a kid in my cub scouts. (full quote)
  check out fresh nuggs, weezin the juice, ahhh ooooh bu-ddy, checkout my cap. (full quote)
  can i tell Steve Coozer? (full quote)
  Spanish is like, Guacamole, Chips and Salsa (fart) (full quote)
  Its your cave nug. (full quote)
  school is like, a harsh ride! Ah...Ah..Ahhh...ah (full quote)
  I'm not a geek, I'm a unique weasel! (full quote)
  I'm not a geek, I'm a unique weasel! (full quote)
  the cheese is old and moldy (full quote)
  All you care about is nugs, chillin' and grindage. (full quote)
  All you care about is nugging, grinding, and weazing. (full quote)
  Stoney: Bud-dy (full quote)
  if you edged cos im weizzing of your grindage just chill, coz if I had the WHOLE bradey bunch thing happen at my pad i'd go crash over there so don't tax my gig so handcore cruster (full quote)
  Oh ooo bud-dy! (full quote)
  All the Jeop-or-dy you can handle. (full quote)
  She's SO GA-REeasy! (full quote)
  Stony is the crustiest vato I've ever witnessed! So, don't harsh his gig buddy... ow owowoow! (full quote)
  Weasin' the ju-uice, bud-dy! (full quote)
  Are you telling me you couldn't use a, a new scooter? some new bell-bottoms? a little fun-dage? wease off some older nugs with a mansion and a pool, soakin' up rays, watchin' all the jeop-ardy you can handle... (full quote)
  18 inch bi's.....mine are only 4 -Stoney (full quote)
  RAD mobile...RAD mobile (full quote)
  I know you, I don't like you, and as of right now-i am all over you --Matt Wilson (full quote)
  you know your right.She's not worth it esay! (full quote)
  Yeh i gotta match. My ass to yur face! (full quote)
  Yeh i gotta match. My ass to yur face! (full quote)
  Chaeck out fresh nugs. weezin the juice. owwww bud-dy (full quote)
  what is he doing? I think he is stalking a fly. GULP. MEAT GROUP (full quote)
  he needs a bath big time (full quote)
  The cheese is old and moldy (full quote)
  you see that woman over there? you see her, you see her. DON'T BE LOOKING AT MY WOMAN ESSAY! (full quote)
  what you did was pretty cool oh who cares about cool right right well there was really one cool thing i wanted to show you what? this Daves kisses Robion (full quote)
  i love it when she calls me David (full quote)
  Meat group! (full quote)
  We go to high school, you know, high school (full quote)
  No but still (full quote)
20579 I've got the radest deoderant on, dude. Smell my pits. (full quote)
28898 Shoo fly, don't bother me... shoo fly, don't bother me... shoo fly, don't bother me... 'cause you belong to my friend Link. (full quote)
29483 your mum's really bummed cause I sneaked her last bagel. (full quote)
29483 computer club, computer Club!!!! (full quote)
38042 Figures, hot on the outside, icy cold in the middle. Two minutes (full quote)
38042 Oh my God, you got him talking like you now (full quote)
38042 I don't know you, I don't like you and as of now I'm all over you. (full quote)
38477 Ahhhhhh Daaaave! (full quote)
41248 Shoo fly, don't bother me... Shoo fly, don't bother me... Shoo fly don't bother me, 'cause you belong to my friend Link. (snap) MEAT group! (full quote)