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Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland - 1992 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
11058 Ooh! Pajamas are kind of scary! (full quote)
11058 Pajama Kajama! I haven't had this much fun in years! Neither have I! (full quote)
12136 Nobody's ever received a royal his underwear. (full quote)
12136 Nobody gets the slip like ol' Flip! (full quote)
12136 Get out of the way, Professor! (full quote)
12136 Oh No! Crocagators! (full quote)
  i am a professor. i am a genius. you may call me... professor genius. and this is bon bon. (full quote)
  what are you doing here? We're BEING here. (full quote)
  Do hold the door for ladies, Don't talk with your mouth full, don't pick your nose. (full quote)