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Mo' Money - 1992 Movie Quotes

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4331 (name) a job ain't nothin but work (full quote)
  sometimes i feel like a nut, and sometimes i don't! (full quote)
  Nothing in America is free. Love is. (full quote)
  If I had an ice cream that looked just like you/ sweet milk chocolate, good all the way through/ I'd lick it slow from head to toe... (full quote)
  Pay yo' fare! (full quote)
  She ain't nothin but a gold digger. Why the hell you think her eyes are green? (full quote)
  Tommy pretending to be Ambers bf: what does a man with a 1 in. penis have for breakfast? This morning I had baby food and therapy. Lots of it! (full quote)
  The fat man walks slowly... Well the fat man needs to lose some weight! (full quote)