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Of Mice and Men - 1992 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  Lennie: Can I still tend the rabbits, George? (full quote)
12469 Lennie: Tell me about the rabbits, George. (full quote)
17856 You'd done a bad, bad thing Lennie... (full quote)
  For God's sake Lennie, don't drink so much! You gonna be sick like you was last night! (full quote)
  Jeez, you're a crazy son of a bitch! (full quote)
  George, you want I should go away and live in the mountains? (full quote)
  George, you want I should go away and leave you alone? (full quote)
EtniesRTheDevil Tell me how it's gonna be, George. Tell me 'bout the rabbits. (full quote)
37040 Lennie:You said I was related to you, George. George:If I was related to you, Lennie....I would shoot myself. (full quote)
47955 You right George! You Godamn right!! (full quote)
ZD_Drummer90 George! Tell 'em how you done before! About the rabbits, George! (full quote)