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Radio Flyer - 1992 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
8162 Damnit Bobby, I'm gonna fuck you up! (full quote)
12773 It was at a carnival that I realized that there was something...special about my brother. You see, he knew something that all kids know, only he knew more, a lot more. (full quote)
12076 Victor, you should start wearin a cup. (full quote)
20860 That's what makes a promise such a big deal - once you make it, it lasts forever. (full quote)
  IT won't be long now I can feel it.. I can't tell ou yet.. But it won't be long... (full quote)
  The great thing about a promise is that you get to keep it forever. (full quote)
  Older Mike: We called him 'The king', because... that's what he liked to be called (full quote)
Lauren30 There are six lost secrets and abilities that you loose in the split second between your 12th and 13th birthday. They are: animals can talk; jumping from any height with the aid of an umbrella is completely safe; nothing is too heavy to lift when wearing a cape; monsters exist, and can both be seen and done battle with; your favorite blanket is woven from a fabric so mighty that once pulled over your head it creates impenetrable force field, and the greatest, most special lost power: the ability to fly. (full quote)
40824 We called him the king because.... that's what he liked to be called (full quote)