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Shining Through - 1992 Movie Quotes

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  women. Can't Live with them, can't live without them (full quote)
10929 --what I was going to ask you to do is stand up, turn around, and close your eyes and tell me everything you see in the room. It's an observation test. Do you really have a problem with that? --Pictures of sailboats and polo ponies. Fancy books and diplomas. Stuffed fish on the wall. Calendar set to the wrong date. Bookcases that need dusting. Carpets that need cleaning. And a couple of guys from Harvard who are surprised that a girl who needs a job won't be treated like a slave. (full quote)
  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (full quote)
10929 I'll miss you. (full quote)
beekers 1)I'm sorry, but Queen's College just does not meet our standards. We have girls that have graduated from Vasser. I do hope you understand. 2)I understand. I understand that you might have to work with someone who's had to get their hands dirty. And that would be very uncomfortable for you and the girls from Vasser. (Starts to walk out) You know, I went to Vasser. My uncle's car broke down outside the front gate. The place looked like a real shithole to me. (full quote)
beekers Is fresh cod in season? (full quote)
beekers 1)This is supposed to be cold cucmber soup 2)In Dusseldorf, we serve that hot 1)And the doves aren't cooked yet? 2)We serve those cold in Dusseldorf. (full quote)
beekers I want to see my mother kiss a Jew! (full quote)
beekers Someone with the accent of a Berlin butcher's wife... (full quote)
beekers Ms. Voss, you failed to mention that you speak a second language. (full quote)
10929 After all, Ed, what is war for if not to hold on to the things we love? (full quote)