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Toys - 1992 Movie Quotes

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801 Well... red means caution. Or beef if its a bullion cube. (full quote)
801 1: Tell your driver to stop here. 2: Why? 1: I'm gettin' out. 1: But you don't know where you're going. 1: I know. 2: Always training! 1: Hundred percent. See you tomorrow. 2: Ahh, that's my boy. (full quote)
801 1: So you duplicate alone? 2: That's kind of a personal question, isn't it? 1: Are you being serious about my duplication investigation? Or are you disrespecting my duplication investigation? 1: Well, I ... I just work here. 2: Is that the duplicating machine there? 2: Yes. 1: Show me how it works. I wanna know all about the process. (full quote)
801 1: Oh this is a great one. This should go on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Not the swimsuit issue, but the boxing. (in a high pitched female voice) I never should have gone in the ring, but I will beat her in three rounds. I want the belt to go with my purse. 2: (laughing) 1: Ah, there you are. Welcome back to the living. (full quote)
5713 I'm in the mood for smoked chicken, how 'bout you? (full quote)
7937 I'm a military man, I want a military meal. I want my string beans to be quarantined! I like a little fortress around my mashed potatoes so the meatloaf doesn't invade my mashed potatoes and cause mixing in my plate! (full quote)
Pepidew17 I'm a military man I like a military meal. I like my string beans quarantined. I like a little fortress around my mashed potatoes, so my meat loaf don't invade my mashed potatoes and cause mixin' in my plate. I hate it when my food touches. And don't let your food touch either. (full quote)
11824 Red usually means caution, or beef if it's a bouillon cube. (full quote)
12153 Leslie: We're going to fight fire with marshmallows. (full quote)
12153 general Leland Zevo : You're as big a fool as your father ever was. Leslie : You really think so? Thank you. (full quote)
12153 Leslie : My God, FAO Schwarzkopf! (full quote)
  twisted nerve (full quote)
12818 I was born in the back of a bumper car (full quote)
  If you want your MTV...want it on your own time. (full quote)
10929 Once in a lifetime. (full quote)
40671 Leslie: How do you feel? Alsatia: Uh, woozy! Leslie: That's it! That's what we'll call it - the Woozy-Helmet! (full quote)