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Troll 2 - 1992 Movie Quotes

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  Troll 2 is rated PG-13 because of violent content and language. This movie is a very good GOBLIN movie, it's not troll movie. If you have seen the movie box cover, it has nothing to do with the movie! anyway, if your looking for a plot, her is a little information about Troll 2: A family go on a 1 month vacation to a town caled Nilbog(which is goblin spelled backwards) that's the goblin kingdom. Goblins are disguised as people, and they trick people into eating food which has green goo on it (the food turns them into half human, half plant). But Joshua's dead grandfather helps him thru the vacation, killing the goblins, and warning them not to eat the food. This movie is a most see! (full quote)
5110 Nilbog? That's Goblin spelled backwards! (full quote)
  I'm Sheriff Gene Freak. (full quote)
  They are eating her, they are going to eat me next,oh my god.(in a horribly hilarious monotonean coming from the dorkiest looking guy ever) (full quote)
dickritchie You can't piss on hospitality. I won't allow it! (full quote)
  i dont get why you guys brougth the movie to the u.s.a keep it where you made it its creepy when the mom gets eaten you clowns. (full quote)
  i think da movie should be burned it sucks (full quote)
10929 Are you nuts? (full quote)