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White Men Can't Jump - 1992 Movie Quotes

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1501 what is 'quiche?' (full quote)
1501 We goin' to Sizzler! We goin' to Sizzler! (full quote)
  I may be a chump, but I make this look good. (full quote)
5713 Four in a row... you know something, this is like the luck of the Irish, only I'm not Irish, so you figure it out. (full quote)
8009 You know Michael jordan came down to the beach one time.....took him to the hole baby! Air Michael Jordan to the hole can u believe that. (That's right Billy ho I saw the whole damn thing!) And he said yo! you should play Summer Pro League (Pro!) But I said No! (Hell No!) Shit might mess up my game (fuck up his game and we can't have it Billy Ho!) (full quote)
8009 Maaaaan, shut your anexorexic, malnutrition, tapeworm having, dick gregory, diet bahamian soda drinking ass up! Leave me alone! (full quote)
8009 Hey! Give me your money! (Raymond is that you?!) Nah nah nahnah this ain't Raymond!!! (full quote)
8009 Billy, sometimes when you lose you actually win and sometimes when you win you actually lose, and sometimes when you win or lose you actually tie, and sometimes when you tie you actually win or lose. You see winning and losing is one big organic globule, from which on extracts what on needs. (Billy): I'm Fucked. (full quote)
8009 (Billy): Hey yo chump! Yeah you Mr. Potatoe Head, I'm talking to you. Is that the best game you got 'cos if it is you may as well grab that free t-shirt and head on home. And who you got with you there? Mighty Mouse? Hey you're too pretty to play basketball you know that! Hey You got that big Z in your fro man what you get your hair cut at the braille institute?!!What are you the black zorro!? (Flight): What the fuck is O.P Taylor talking about anyway? (Billy):OP taylor? Op Taylor? I got your Op you big bad gomer pile droopy eyed son of a bitch!!! (Billy): What you still putting up bricks, you still putting up bricks, CLANG!CLANG! I like need a welder torch to play in this league here! Hey, I tell you what, Lets just gather up all these bricks and build a shelter for the homeless! So maybey your mother has a place to stay! (Willie): yo fuck you man! (Flight): Fuck that fucker man! (Billy): I want your mother and your sister out of my house immediately! (full quote)
  Both of you motherfuckers are grazy, i'm going to my car, get my other gun, and shoot everbody's ass. (full quote)
11486 A thing of beauty is a joy forever (full quote)
  Who the fuck told you you could talk motherfucker? You score on me you can talk motherfucker! Shut me down you can talk motherfucker! But you eat shit, you shut up. (full quote)
  Clean as my gun. (full quote)
  I don't mean to brag, but I AM THE GREATEST! I AM THE GREATEST! (full quote)
  I'm going to the seventh floor, dropping you off at the sixth. (full quote)
jymcnair billy, when I tell you that I'm thirsty. I don't want you to get me a drink of water. I want you to sympathize with my thirstedness. (full quote)
12696 It's pretty, it's sooo pretty. (full quote)
18556 Shut your anorexic tapeworm having overdosed Dick Gregory Bahamian diet drink ass up!! (full quote)
18234 Is this shit regulation?? This shit ain't regulation! (full quote)
6631 It's hard Goddamn work!! (full quote)
6631 Sidney: Hey chump! what's the score? Can't you hear? (does sign language) I'm talkin' to the fucking air! Billy: My name isn't chump, it's Billy Hoyle. Sidney: Billy Hoyle? BILLY HOYLE! Billy Hoyle, Okay Billy. Now, can you count to ten, Billy? Billy: Yeah. Sidney: Good. what's the score, Billy? Billy: I don't know. Sidney: Then you're a chump. Billy: I may be a chump, but I said it weren't my name. (Sidney takes Billy's ball) Teammate: He punked yo' ass, Sid! (Sidney gives Billy back his ball) Sidney: Fuck you! (full quote)
  Raymond: nah nah nah, I take you anywhere I want, anytime I want, I have you for breakfast (full quote)
goldengod Raymond(gruff voice): Gimme all your money Store clerk: Raymond, is that you? Raymond(ladies voice): Naw,naw, this ain't Raymond. (full quote)
goldengod The mustard is off the hotdog you big corn fed mule you. (full quote)
  I Told yo stupid white ass lookin like Woody Harrison muthafucker that u can't jump man! Yo jumpin is like yo dick becuz its short. Tryin to play basketball man u tryin to be like Larry Bird . (full quote)
  You wanna run? you mean play basketball? NO icehocky, get your tired but up her Gretzsky (full quote)
  You wanna run? you mean play basketball? NO icehocky, get your tired but up her Gretzsky (full quote)
sobeit It's just too easy! (full quote)
  Your mother is so poor. I saw her kicking a can down the street. I asked her, what ya doing? she said, we're moving! (full quote)
  Your mother is so poor! I saw her kicking a can down the street. I asked her, what ya doing? She said, we're moving. (full quote)
danwho Cuz there aint no Vista, and there aint no View and there certainly aint no Vista of no View (full quote)
29029 listen to the woman. (full quote)
  I'm in a fuckin zone (full quote)
  Awww billyyyy youre so stoooopid!!!! (full quote)
  see ya..... wouldnt wanna be ya!!!!! (full quote)
  It's hard goddamn work being this good!!!!! (full quote)
  What is a quince? It's a food billy....that starts with the letter q...and I got seven more!!! (full quote)
33944 Your mother is so poor. I saw her kicking a can down the street. I asked her, what ya doing? she said, we're moving (full quote)
  billy: I don't hustle with people who are dishonest (full quote)
  Even the sun shines on a dogs ass (full quote)
  Just because you win doesn’t mean (full quote)
  Just because you win doesn’t mean (full quote)
41655 I don't hustle with people who are dishonest. (full quote)
bigclaude White people can't hear Jimmy. (full quote)