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You, Me & Marley - 1992 Movie Quotes

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  Does anyone know where you can get this movie to buy? (full quote)
  can i buy this film (full quote)
  Hi Mate i tried to buy this to it was filmed in manchester. sad that the bbc showed it on bb2 in 1992. but if you send a email and letters to the bbc if they have enough people asking to swhow it again they will so get your mates to send letters to the bbc and emails Andy (full quote)
  listin ppl i have the movie on dvd. think its really good. if any one wants a copy ill be happy to copy it for u. email me (full quote)
  i have this movie for sale (8 pounds) on dvd if anyone wants it please email me at (full quote)
  you can download it free on utorrent and they dont ask 4 ;criet cards or shit like that: (full quote)
  can anyone tel me the song from the movie & how sings it (full quote)
  ive been after this film for 5 fuckin years, got with a bird told her about it and she got it in 1 day from virgin records... (full quote)