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Carlito's Way - 1993 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
1990 #1 You know me? #2 Yeah I know you man. your Carlito Brigante mother fucker to the max! That's who you are. (full quote)
1990 OK, I'm reloaded! (full quote)
1990 #1 Why are you laughing? #2 your going to rent cars?! #1 That's right, I know a lot about cars. I've been stealing them since I was 14. (full quote)
evilroy When you can't see the angles no more, you're in trouble. (full quote)
1990 You don't get reformed, you just run out of wind. (full quote)
1990 #1 Carlito man do you remember me? I'm Benny Blanco from the Bronx. #2 Hey, maybe I don't remember the last time I picked my nose, okay! (full quote)
  This shot will change your religious beliefs (full quote)
  You motherfuckers think you big time? You gonna die big time! (full quote)
  OYE! Mira eso... HEAVY DUTY! (full quote)
  Hey, remember me. Bennie Blanco from tha Bronx!!! (full quote)
15269 I been with many people, connected people. Who you been with? A bunch of jive talkin' purse snatchin', maricone mutha fuckas. (full quote)
  your problems arent just going to go away david... dadun dun dunnn... (full quote)
  I was mean little bastard, even when my mother was alive! (full quote)
  Don't lie to me, you lawyer fuck. You lie to me again and I'll come over that table and snap your neck like a bread stick. (full quote)
  free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, free at last! (full quote)
  Don´t take me to no hospital, please. Fuckin´ emergency rooms don´t save nobody. Some bitches always pop you at midnight, and all they´ve got is a chinese intern with a dull spoon. (full quote)
  Let me assure this court, that I am through walking on the wild side. (full quote)
  Somebody's pullin me close to the ground...I can sense but i cant see...I aint panicked. I been here before...Same as when i got popped on 104th Street. (full quote)
25438 NO tricks, its magic time (full quote)
  dum dum dum (full quote)
  Look at me man! I'm in fuckin diapers!! (full quote)
  My heart, it don't ever quit. (full quote)
  he's a used to be bad guy (full quote)
  Steffie-hey Carlito, how come...a good lookin' dude like you, don't have no woman? whats tha matta, ain't you eva seen nobody you like in he-ahh?? (full quote)
rubytuesday_2 You a gangster now. You can't learn it at school... you can't have a late start. (full quote)
rubytuesday_2 I'm rejuvenated, rehabilited, reassimilated, and it didn't take no 15 years like your honor said! (full quote)
31851 sorry boys all the stitches in the world cant sew me together again, lay down , lay down, gonna stretch me out at fernandez funeral hm on 109th street always knew id make a stop there but alot later than a whole gang o people thought, .. last of the mo'ricans well maybe not the last gails gonna bea good mom a new improved carlito brigante, hope she uses the money to get out no room in ths city for big hearts like hers sorry baby i tried the best i could, honest cant come with me on this trip though, gettin the shakes now last call for drinks bars closin down suns out were we goin for breakfast? dont wanna go far, roug nite,tired baby tired (full quote)
31851 okay im reloaded!!! (full quote)
31851 YOU THINK UR BIG TIME? HUH? your GONNA DIE BIG TIME!!! (full quote)
31851 o you didnt hear? hear what ? your boss isdead and so are you (full quote)
32532 You think you're gonna sail off into the sunset asshole? THINK AGAIN!!! (full quote)
  you crossed the line, your a gangster now. A whole different ballgame! (full quote)
28233 Benny Blanco from the Bronx (full quote)
33501 come da pain! (full quote)
33501 be fun poppy be fun! (full quote)
33501 think you me muthafucka, you ain't me, you a punk, I been wit made guys, who you been wit? (full quote)
33501 ...Kleinfeld is my brotha, Pachanga, he is my brotha (full quote)
  You think you big time? You gunna die big time! (full quote)
  carlito-hey lady, Dont I know you? Gail- hey buzz off. Carlito-ya sure you used to go out with that guy, that good lookin guy whats his name? oh ya ya CARLITO BRIGANTE thats right. Gail-Charlie? Carlito-Hello Gail. Gail-Charlie? (full quote)
Kris carlito-hey lady, Dont I know you? Gail- hey buzz off. Carlito-ya sure you used to go out with that guy, that good lookin guy whats his name? oh ya ya CARLITO BRIGANTE thats right. Gail-Charlie? Carlito-Hello Gail. Gail-Charlie? (full quote)
  I've been with made people, connected people. Who you been with? Chain snatchin', jive-ass muthafuckas (full quote)
  Remember Victor Man? He got Shot-gunned to death in front of high man! Patrick Henry high! (full quote)
  This how you beat your thirty years? I was gonna tell you, try to give you a signal. It wasnt even turned on, its something else! (full quote)
  You quiere umpa? (full quote)
  I can't walk; I can't hump. Go ahead a kill me you cockersuckerrrr!! (full quote)
  Carlito's Way (novel): I hit Brooklyn, like Sonny hit Leston... (full quote)
  the contract's already out on you pal the guys the guns the lime pit's already been dug and from in here just one button I push. (full quote)
1830 Last call for Drinks. (full quote)
Strider Adios, primo. (full quote)
Strider Oh, Jesus. Jesus Christ, look at you. You said they were friends. But they ain't no friends in this shit business. (full quote)
Strider I don't invite this shit, it just comes after me. (full quote)
Kris thats the last time i wipe up your blood! (full quote)
Kris I aint gonna kill you Lilene, I aint even gonna hurt you (full quote)
Kris if you ever, I mean if you EVER! talk that shit around her again I'm gonna kill you (full quote)
38628A But my time in the Sterling Correctional facilities of Greenhaven and Sing Sing has not been in vain. I've been cured; born again, like the Watergaters. I know you've heard this rap before, your honor, I've changed. I've changed, and it didn't take no thirty years like your honor thought, but only five. (full quote)
38628A I'm reloaded! Okay? Come on in here, you motherfuckers! Come on, I'm waitin' for ya! what, you ain't comin' in? Okay, I'm comin' out! Oh, you up against me now, motherfuckers! I'm gonna blow your fuckin' brains out! You think you're big time? You gonna fuckin' die big time! You ready? HERE COMES THE PAIN! (full quote)
41300 Remember me, Benny Blanco from the bronx (full quote)
Johnny99 When you can't see the angles no more, you in trouble baby, you in trouble. (full quote)
cpesojpeso Sorry boys, all the stitches in the world can't sew me together again. Lay down... lay down. Gonna stretch me out in Fernandez funeral home on Hun and Ninth street. Always knew I'd make a stop there, but a lot later than a whole gang of people thought... Last of the Moh-Ricans... well maybe not the last. Gail's gonna be a good mom... New improved Carlito Brigante... Hope she uses the money to get out. No room in this city for big hearts like hers... Sorry baby, I tried the best I could, honest... Can't come with me on this trip, Loaf. Getting the shakes now, last call for drinks, bars closing down... Sun's out, where are we going for breakfast? Don't wanna go far. Rough night, tired baby... Tired... (full quote)