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Free Willy - 1993 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4049 1:)They lookin for me? 2.)Nah 1.)cool (full quote)
9769 Sa la na, a yuum, iasis (full quote)
9769 Animals, can misbehave sometimes, just like people. But you can't give up on them! (full quote)
22841 Rae: [ Takes out fish with broken belly ] Uh... broken belly, toss it. [ Takes out perfectly skinned fish ] This is a good fish. [ Takes out ripped fish ] That's a bad fish. [ Takes out perfectly skinned fish ] Good fish... [ Takes out ripped fish ] ...bad fish. (full quote)
  DWIGHT: Breaking and entering!, Vandalism, Resisting arrest, Got anything else? Was Perry with you on this number? JESSE: Perry, who?! DWIGHT: Don't play! I spent forty- five minutes on a conference call with the police department and that adventure park, trying to keep you clean, son. You know what? You were lucky this time. I kept your little behind out of court. They would have put you in baby jail, that means a lock-up in juvenile hall, son! You have to clean up the mess you made. ( JESSE shows sign of disagreement) Ah,Ah,Ah, that is your probation. (full quote)
  The artist returns! Welcome back. (full quote)
  OLD MAN: Nice whale. RANDOLPH: Thanks. (full quote)
Miles J 1-Infact that's how I met Dwight. 2-Dwights a jerk. (full quote)
  LET'S free WILLY!!!! (full quote)
  Guy: Nice whale. Randoff: Thanks. (full quote)
  You want me, to put the fish, in your mouth? (full quote)
10929 Let's free Willy! (full quote)
  Jesse (full quote)
FutureHunter94 1) We've Got To Hurry! He's Not Doing So good! (full quote)