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Hercules Returns - 1993 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  Get you hand off my left tit I'll fight you on one condition... that you lower your nipples (full quote)
8781 I'll fight you on one condition...that you lower your nipples (full quote)
8781 Well, I didn't expect the earth to move, but I atleast expected you to (full quote)
  Christ we outta clean out these cups more often, look at the shit in that!! (full quote)
  You promised no more fighting after that man was killed! oh thats a bit steep del, you stabbed him. DONT SPLIT HAIRS!!! (full quote)
  Mum, who's the stupidest person on earth....Why Hercules of course dear why?.....wel, say hello......WHY hercules, how lovely to meet you! (full quote)
  That bloody kid, wouldnt know if someone was up him sideways with an armful of deckchairs! (full quote)
  Oh Get real mum, I'm not marrying someone with......BIGGER TITS THAN ME..... (full quote)
10590 they didn't even help... (full quote)
10590 I know what guys like, I know what boys want.. (full quote)
10590 who's the dumbest man you know mum well, that would be hercules of course, say hello! (full quote)
  You are going to fight him and that's that, there's no way out of it! When your god tells you to beat the living shit out of someone you do it that's what religion is all about!! (full quote)
  don't worry about dad he's just paranoid, he thinks he's gonna get run over by a chariot. hup! nearly got me (full quote)
  CHICKEN: Oh fuck, missed me queue (full quote)
  we bought you a gift....genuine plastic. And look my bedroom curtains... (full quote)
  Must have been those fucking prawns (full quote)
  Put this up here, and dont slam the fucking door Samson. (full quote)
  Look at all the shit in that! (full quote)
  Pool party! (full quote)
  (Singing) Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree. (full quote)