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Judgment Night - 1993 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
bigcat58 You and your friend are the kinda spoon fed fruit bait I fuckin' hate! (full quote)
bigcat58 1) That money got blood on it man. 2) You ever seen any that didn't? (full quote)
bigcat58 You guys are really startin' to piss me off! This is eatin' into my drinkin' time! (full quote)
bigcat58 Large screen, huh, brand new piece of shit t.v....This'll be mine. (full quote)
  Let me get rid of these bums and I'll be right back to get on you (full quote)
8837 careful, I'm ticklish. (full quote)
10929 By the way, don't call me Francis. (full quote)
10929 You can't have the money, but you can HAVE the money. (full quote)
10929 Don't move. Don't whisper. Don't even breathe! (full quote)
10929 --That money's got blood on it, man. --You ever seen any that didn't? (full quote)
  Don't call me Francais (full quote)
  I am not gonna die down here! (full quote)
47866 Just give him back the money! (full quote)