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Made in America - 1993 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4049 what DO YOU MEAN HE'S WHITE? (full quote)
MaggieForMargaret (one person)Hey you wanna go out sometime? No. I was just asking if you wanted to see a movie or something. I said no. Bitch. Yo mama. (full quote)
Icea Great advertising idea, lock the customers in 'till they buy something. I wonder if that would work with trucks? (full quote)
HeiressOfSlytherin Zora: You're white. Hal Jackson: That's true, but that won't make much difference when we're in the dark. (full quote)
HeiressOfSlytherin 1. I don't mean to be crass, but my sperm has been in your body. 2. And you figure you should just follow? 2.Well, I generally like to be first. (full quote)
10929 what the hell's that mean? (full quote)
  Are you giving me face? (full quote)
39523 I only use my oven to dry my sneakers. (full quote)
39523 Hey are you sure you even want a father? They can be a real asshole sometimes. (full quote)
39523 We're shootin' a truck commercial and he thinks it's Gone With The Goddamn Wind. (full quote)
39523 Mom, I found my real father today and he's a mean asshole. (full quote)
39523 Zora: He's a WHITE car salesman. Sara: You mean he's like a creamy egg shell kinda tan... Zora: No, totally white like a white guy. Sara: You mean he's so light YOU THOUGHT he was a white guy. Zora: No, he's so light he IS a white guy. Sara: What's he doin bein white? I didn't ask for a white man. (full quote)
39523 Look at those kids on The Cosby Show. You know they're mixed. (full quote)
39523 Old white lady #1: Do the Urban Bush Woman shirts come in petite? Old white lady #2: what is an Urban Bush Woman? Sara: ME! ME! I'm an urban bush woman. I'M AN URBAN BUSH WOMAN!! (full quote)
39523 Flashy can also mean you're a penis head. (full quote)
39523 Hal: You lookin' for somethin' special today? Sara: Yeah, you're head on a stick. (full quote)
39523 OH LOOK! THE TITTY SISTERS! This is absolutely his office. (full quote)
39523 Hal: Must be a real bummer having a half white kid. Sara: Fuck you. Hal: Apparently we've already done that. Sara: Get out. Hal: You know, for being a free spirit, you are suprisingly uptight. Sara: And you are, unsuprisingly, a pain in the ass. (full quote)
39523 Hal: You smell like that everywhere? Sara: I don't know I'm not in the habit of smelling myself. (full quote)
39523 I'm going to hear a new band: Stinky Night Gown. (full quote)
39523 Sara: Are you giving me face? Hal: what the hell's that mean? (full quote)
39523 Hal: Mind if I come in and drain the lizzard? Sara: Does that mean you have to go to the bathroom? (full quote)
39523 YOU'RE GORGEOUS WHEN YOU'RE WET! (full quote)
39523 Oh monkey man you're full of stress. (full quote)
39523 Zora: Just be my boyfriend. Boyfriends come and go. T: I'll come 'n go. Where do you want me to start? (full quote)
39523 JESUS CHRIST! A BEAR!! YOU SAID LLAMA! (full quote)
39523 Real cowboys are strong and tough just like American trucks AND DONT FORGET : Hal's your pal. (full quote)
39523 Zora: Don't you think a person has a right to know who her parents are? Hal: No, no I don't. (full quote)
39523 These earrings are a form of torture. (full quote)
39523 You can fight with me. You just can't win. (full quote)