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Malice - 1993 Movie Quotes

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4595 Dr. Hill: The question is, 'Do I have a God complex?' which makes me wonder if this... lawyer... has any idea as to the kind of grades one has to receive in college to be accepted at a top medical school. If you have the vaguest clue as to how talented someone has to be to lead a surgical team. I have an M.D. from Harvard. I am board certified in cardio-thoracic medicine and trauma surgery. I have been awarded citations from seven different medical boards in New England, and I am never, ever, sick at sea. So I ask you, when someone goes in to that chapel and they fall on their knees and they pray to God that their wife doesn't miscarry, or that their daughter doesn't bleed to death, or that their mother doesn't suffer acute neural trauma from post-operative shock, who do you think they're praying to? You go ahead and read your Bible... Dennis, and you go to your church, and with any luck you might win the annual raffle, but if you're looking for God, He was in operating room number two on November 17th, and He doesn't like to be second guessed. You ask me if I have a God complex? Let me tell you something. I AM God. (full quote)
11617 1) They write the checks to ME!!! 2) Not in prison they don't. (full quote)
15848 You ask me if I have a God complex. Let me tell you something: I am God. (full quote)
28233 You aske me if i have a god complex. Let me tell you something: I am God! (full quote)
  1.) You're drunk 2.) You're stupid..I can say that cause you're my son in law. (full quote)
  1.I think you need a doctor. 2.Ya hear that trace, we need a doctor. 3.Dammit! (full quote)
  1.You just cut me open and twisted around one of my ovaries to make it look fucked up. (full quote)
10929 Ask God how many shots of bourbon he had before he cut me open. (full quote)
10929 Bad things happen to good people all the time, Andy, for no reason whatsoever. (full quote)
  what does everyone want? I want the Red Sox to win the world series. (full quote)
  I want you to take me upstairs and fuck me. (full quote)
aquaticnebula1 You ask me if I have a God complex? Let me tell you something, I AM God! (full quote)