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Manhattan Murder Mystery - 1993 Movie Quotes

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4921 There is nothing wrong with you that a little Prozac and a big polo mallet wouldn't cure. (full quote)
4921 1st lady: what college,uh, does your son attend?/2nd lady: Brown./1st lady: Oh./man: Nice color. (full quote)
4921 If I lifted dumbbells like that I would get a hernia the size of the San Andreas Fault! (full quote)
6664 I said I would go to the opera with you, I've already bought my ear plugs! (full quote)
4904 1. Don't be such a fuddy duddy! 2. A fuddy duddy! (full quote)
Rugbyman Don't bluff a bluffer (full quote)
Rugbyman I command you to sleep. (full quote)
Rugbyman 1) Remember? 2)the blue bird 1) the Blue bird 2) but that was a sweet mystery, this is murder! (full quote)
  It's probably a rented car...or a rented body! (full quote)'re beautiful, and you write so it turns out you can play poker. -Well, I wouldn't say beautiful. But I do have tremendous sex appeal. (full quote)
  1)I think the time has come for us to reevaluate our lives. 2)I have reevaluated our lives...I got a ten, you got a six. (full quote)
  My whole life is flashing before my eyes. And the worst part of it is I'm driving a used car. (full quote)
  ....but we can't have sex because I just had sex with Helen and I'm not young and agile like I used to be 2: You'll do anything to catch a murderer (full quote)
  I know the perfect way to kill clog their arteries with whipped cream, chocolate mousse, butter.....they go like that! (snaps fingers) (full quote)
  Didn't he seem a little too happy to you? 2: He seemed like his regular self 1: No, Mr. House 2: Our next-door widower? (full quote)