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Only the Strong - 1993 Movie Quotes

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  well me man,you just made it your damn business...get him! (full quote)
  let me tell you something, this world can be as big as you ever want it to be. or as small as your own tiny little hood. its your choice, you make the decision. (full quote)
  this is it, alright everyone off the bus. hey mr. stevens i thought we were sleepin on the bus. eddie, have you ever tried to pitch a tent on a bus? we havent ever slept in a tent period, what are we injins. mr. stevens how can this be it. i mean maybe its me but you cant see shit out here ya know. (full quote)
  u dont fool a man who was born in the worst lAMBARIOS of rio de jinero.....well see who the real maestre is in this neighborhood (full quote)
  (snort)...whatever (full quote)