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Rookie of the Year - 1993 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
5967 Did he say funky butt lovin? (full quote)
7869 Look at the way she drinks that milk...milks done that body good! (full quote)
7869 This one's for mommy...mommy! (full quote)
7869 Need help...need help now! (full quote)
  1) How long does the cast have to stay on? 2) August, minimum. 1) August? That's like four months. (full quote)
7869 Is that play legal? (full quote)
7869 1) She's not that hot. 2) Not that hot?! She's stacked! (full quote)
7869 The half tude? what the heck was I talking about? (full quote)
  DR.-FUNKY BUTT LOVING! KID-did he just say funky butt loving? (full quote)
  The have-to? what was i talking about? (full quote)
  Hey Rowengartner you SUCK!!!! (full quote)
  Rowengartner takes a long look at the run at second. Strike One!!! (full quote)
  Pitchers got a big butt. Pitchers got a big but (full quote)
  Hey pitcher you got something hangin out of your nose. (full quote)
  1)You almost hit him, you big ugly piece of...... 2)SHIT (full quote)
  Funky butt lovin' (full quote)
  I-I'm sorry.It's my tendons. TH-They're too tight! (full quote)
  1) Sorry! your door seems to be malfunctioning! I'll get housekeeping up here! 2) Nice guy! (full quote)
14179 Gosh Henry, you could play for the cubs! (full quote)
19656 Funky butt-lovin' (full quote)
Sarah ;D LOOK, LOOK! A decoder ring! From the cracker-Jack box! -> The old man's a cracker-Jack! (full quote)
Sarah ;D FUNKY BUTTLOVIN'! -> Did he just say 'funky buttlovin'? (full quote)
  Pitchers sit over there..(turns head) HEEEY!! (full quote)
  Hey, you see the kid, I never doubted him for a minute. Hey, way to go Runamucker! (full quote)
  SAL: im looking for a henry roolenverter HENRY: henry rowengartner? SAL: yeah is he here? HENRY: i'm henry! SAL: well i must be looking for your father JACK: (driving up) sorry i'm late, jack bradfield i am a huge HUGE fan.. henry this is sal martenella the manager of the chicago cubs, and this is henry rowengartner, the next nolan ryan (full quote)
  you are a BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM steadman (full quote)
  mack: thanks hotdog guy: wut are you kidding me mack your 11 bucks short mack: 3 dollas for a hot dawg!!!!!!!! (full quote)
  Now, give me the good stuff! (full quote)
30916 Gardenhoser! You're goin in... (full quote)
  man im gonna kill him (full quote)
  (1)You guys have a boat? (2)Yeah, kinda. (1)We have a boat, but I always have to go out on it with my parents. (full quote)
13284 HE'S HALF MINE!!!!! (punches stupid idiot in the face) (full quote)
  i gotta be outta my mind. (full quote)
  we want a pitcher not an underwear snitcher! (full quote)
theyellowdart 1.Funky buttloving....! 2.Did he just say funky buttloving? (full quote)
  Funky Butt-lovin'! (full quote)
36479 Pitchers got a big butt, pitchers got a big butt. (full quote)
36479 This one's for mommy, mommy! (full quote)
  Clark:her dad has a boat we have a boat. George: We dont have a boat, we have wood, in the vage shape of a boat. (full quote)
  Brickman:Some guys ice down their arm afetr a big game...some say that heat's the way to go...but i have discovered the secret...HOT ICE...HOT ICE...I heat up the ice cubes...IT'S THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS... ---MIKE BETTIS--- (full quote)
  Sal: your fined $500 dollars for showing up late to practice. Henry: $500 dollars!! thats like six years allowance. (full quote)
  Little help. Little help now (full quote)
  jack: that didn't even hurt, okay??? (full quote)
  gardenhoser! (full quote)
  He totally fooled him with the change up! (full quote)
  Zoom it in there Henry (full quote)
  I haven't seen the floater since Scuffie McGee (full quote)
  Announcer: Well that homerun will bring the Rocket's ERA up to about 300 which matches the atendence here at Wrigley Field. (full quote)
  Whoa! your mom has an arm! I haven't seen the floater pitch since Scruffy McGee! (full quote)
  Brickman:Some guys ice down their arm after a big game...some say that heat's the way to go...but i have discovered the secret...HOT ICE...HOT ICE...I heat up the ice cubes...IT'S THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS... ---MIKE BETTIS--- (full quote)
  1.) The Half two? what the heck was I talkin about? 2.) what the heck was he talkin about? (full quote)
  Brickma: Baseball is 162 crooling games played in more than a dozen cities now on the field we can serve our energy, on the road we can serve our food. Henry: Food? Brickma: Everywhere we go there's free food!, like this cake for example now I wrap it up in my vomit bag, I take it back it to the hotel, put it on ice, and in the morning wala! Breakfast! Concentration Henry managing resources that is the key to baseball. (full quote)
  geez dan did you figure that out yourself (full quote)
Cardiac --Funky Buttlovin! --Did he just say funky buttlovin? (full quote)
38042 I don't care. We've got a sell out crowd and they're not here to see Chet Steadman. (full quote)
38042 $500? That's like six years allowance. (full quote)