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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - 1993 Movie Quotes

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  Raphael: You guys are kids, you should uh... you should be having fun playing those things. We could do it together, you could teach me. Yoshi: Fun is for children. Raphael: And what? You're a senior citizen? (full quote)
  Hey! Wayne Newtown! (full quote)
9181 help im a turtle and cant get up! (full quote)
9181 Its WET WILLY TIME! (full quote)
9982 Mike: Capa? capachino na makes me hipper. (full quote)
9982 Mike: Ooooh, he who dings the shell must pay. (full quote)
9982 Don: Wow bungy jumping with out a bungy...that could be dangerous. (full quote)
  ooooooooooo april........oooo how ur pussy feels so good......hey imma a turtle but remember when i said dat we grew from ooze of course u remember cuz all 3 of the movies were based on it bitch well anyways my body wasn't the only thing dat grew....... here did also...hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!TURTLE POWER (full quote)
  (last lines) Splinter: Michelangelo? Michelangelo: Yes, Master Splinter? Splinter: Something deeply troubles you, my son. Michelangelo: Yeah, growing up. I don't think I'll ever laugh again. Splinter: (Had an idea) Yo, dude! Michelangelo: (sees Splinter wearing a lampshade over his head!) Yo, dude! Splinter: Elvis Presley in BLUE HAWAII! (Uh-huh) (April and Casey laugh) Splinter: I saw it on cable! Michelangelo: Ha-ha! You sure do, Master Splinter! Turtles: Hey, Mikey! Michelangelo: Raph? Donnie? Leo? (Turtles dance, Michelangelo joins in.) (full quote)
  (to the samurai switched in time w/ April) Dude, how did YOU get into April's pants?!? (full quote)
Maverick06 Raph: Yoshi rember watch that temper.... Wow did I really say that (full quote)