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This Boy's Life - 1993 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  KILL OR cure, KILL OR cure (full quote)
7937 You got dry-gulched? (full quote)
RaynAKADeath Liar! Whore! Liar! Whore! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath I don't like to see the face! So, you either get it doggy-style or laying on your side! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath Oh, Daddy Duke? Daddy Duke? Daddy Duke? Your rich Daddy Duke's not here. My house. My rules. I get the say about the toothpaste! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath 1-Ahhhh!!!! Gorilla blood!!!!! 2,3,4-Shut up, Psycho! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath I know a thing or two about a thing or two!!! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath Oh yeah? Well, want in one hand, shit in the other and see which one gets full first! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath Dwight was right! You do fight for the pink team! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath I always say: call me what you want, but don't call me late for supper! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath I will not referee!!! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath Mmm, mmmm. Did you make this? That's a good cup of Joe. (full quote)
14372 You look exactly like a steaming pile of dog turd. (full quote)
RaynAKADeath Alright, Toby...Uh, Jack that is. Jack? Toby? Jack? (full quote)
RaynAKADeath Oh, yeah? Well, at least I'm not a great big homo! (full quote)
RaynAKADeath Lady...Can I be honest with you? You got more courage than you got common sense. (full quote)
  I'm home, you lucky people!!! (full quote)
  i could walk right out that door could'nt i (full quote)
  you don't have to stay here for this shit (full quote)
  Jack: yer piss an mone piss an mone i see your jazzed up with new stuff dwight: they never had second hand uniform in my size (full quote)
  I'll tell you one thing, you'll remember me! (full quote)
  A God damn hotshot (full quote)
  You pull that hotshot stuff with me and I'll break every bone in your goddamn body and I'll pop your head like a zit! (full quote)
  Here I am you lucky people. (full quote)
  And what are you gonna tell Caroline this weekend? you gonna tell her that Jack didn't want to join the scouts because he didn't want to hem his little uniform. (full quote)
bigclaude I tell you I'm thirsty and you offer me a sandwhich. Thank you and fuck you! (full quote)
bigclaude You can get it laying on your side or you can get it doggie style. Those are your only choices! This is my house and I get the say! (full quote)