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Angels in the Outfield - 1994 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  Hey, it could happen! (full quote)
14298 Easy Wally, less is more (full quote)
  Hey look, it's God's thumbnail! (full quote)
  You all got your heads, so far up your butts, that you can't even see the light of day!!!!!!!! (full quote)
  Hey dad...When will we be a family again? Well the way im lookin at it, when the Angels win the pennant. (full quote)
  You can't go your whole life thinking that everyone you meet is going to let you down. Because if you'll end up like me. (full quote)
  when you slide into the catcher with your nails up... it's on purpose (full quote)
22841 [The Angels are losing their first game in the movie by several points and Gates, the pitcher, is really stinking up the place, George kicks Gatorade cooler.] Wilder: With another example of his infamous temper, [George makes ''T'' with his arms.] Wilder: ...manager George Knox calls time out, he will have a word with his pitcher, Frank Gates. Roger: I don't think it's gonna be a happy word. Wilder: And it looks like Knox is gonna take Gates out. Gates doesn't look to pleased about this. Knox: Gimme the ball. Gates: It ain't my fault; you need a new outfield! Knox: YOU'RE OUTTA HERE! GIMME THE BALL!!!!! Gates: You want the ball. Here you go. [He throws ball into bleachers.] Gates: GO GET IT! Wilder: Gates is throwin' his ball... [Gates throws glove into the bleachers.] Wilder: ...AND GLOVE INTO THE STANDS! [Fight begins.] Fan in stands: YOU STINK, KNOX! Umpire 1: KNOX, YOU'RE OUTTA HERE! Roger: Come on, ump, leave 'im in! J.P.: YEAH, DON'T THROW 'IM OUT! (full quote)
  Hey! You kids better have tickets for that tree! (full quote)
  I guess I owe you guys. All right, whatever you want, you name it you got it. (full quote)
  Al do you think god cares about me? Yes. Al I why are you taking your pants off? Hey kid you asked for help and in return we angels get to have sex with little girls and boys. But Al I don't want to! Shut the fuck up and take your clothes off!!!! Al noooooooo!!!! Take it like a man and maybe i will let this shitty team win the world seris!!! (full quote)
  oh my god this movie sucks!!!! stupid niggers and angels every where!!! fuckin coons......Bastard mother fuckers. That al guy raped them boys and yall paid to watch it!!!! fucking homosexuals!!!! god damn god to hell!!! I will cut you up and piss on walt disneys grave god damnit!!!!! mother fuckers!!!!! I will fucking fuck my wife up the ass and smack you with my shit covered dick!!! (full quote)
13284 You can't play like a team, you can't win like a team, you don't even LOSE as a team! You all have your heads so far up your butts, you never even see the light of day! (full quote)
  Look! It's nacho butt! (full quote)
14588 1. Aww, 'cause it's a big bummer, no matter who we play, we give the game away, 'cause we can't win, that would be a sin, we even loss the game before we... 2: Save it Maple. One more loss, One more loss is gonna be the end. And you call yourselves professionals. I have never ever seen a worse group of 25 players. You don't think as a team, you don't play as a team, you don't even loose as a team. You all got your heads so far up your butts, you can't even see the the light of day. (full quote)
14588 1: I wan't you here in uniform at 9 tomorrow, we're going back to work on fundemenerals. 2: Fundemenerals in the middle of the season. 3: I thought the game started at one? 1: It does start at one and your a jackass. 3: No, I'm a pitcher 1: AHHHHH 4: You could be a pitcher and a jackass. 5: Si, It's very common. (full quote)
22841 [Repeated line.] J.P.: It could happen. (full quote)
  YOU are a jackass! Acctually, I'm a pitcher.... You're a pitcher and a jackass! (full quote)
  Great a psycho kid David you think they screen these people. (full quote)
  He sets....and sets....and sets again (full quote)
38042 You can't fire me, I'm Ranch Wilder. (full quote)
38042 You can't fire me, I'm Ranch Wilder. (full quote)
32472 look god's thumbnail! (full quote)
  So if we stay there a long time do we gotta change our name to Foster? (full quote)
  Ranch Wilder: How'd he do that? HOW DID HE DO THAT??!! (full quote)
kd8ayk When are we going to be a family again? (full quote)
  JP- If we live in a Foster family long enough, are they gonna change our name to Foster? Roger- What kind of a friggin question is that? That has to be the dumbest fucking question I've ever heard some stupid dumb ass say. I hope you are killed in your sleep tonight. And if you aren't, I'll do it myself! (full quote)
47702 Guy#1: Jose, can you see? Guy#2 Wait, the first word is Jose? Guy#3 Yeah, it's Jose. Guy#2 Wow, it's about a Spanish guy. (full quote)
10929 It could happen! (full quote)
10929 We're always watching. (full quote)
DRKLDY It could happen. (full quote)