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Baby's Day Out - 1994 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
2946 : If you want to shoplift, go to J.C. Penney. (full quote)
1212 Nat King Cole stuck his finger in the pie and pulled out the bird. (full quote)
7869 He went down a rabbit hole! (full quote)
Star *singing* Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Marry had a little lamb her hair was white as snow! And every which way that Mary went, the lamb was right behind her. It followed her to work one day, work one day, work one day. It followed her to work one daaaaaaayyy, and Mary lost her job! (full quote)
Star This morning all I wanted was my baby's picture in the paper. (shows front page of paper) I got my wish. (full quote)
Star baby Bink is NOT a regular baby. (full quote)
Star Nanny Gilbertine: If he get cranky, read him his book. (full quote)
Star So! You got a nasty little surprise for me? (full quote)
Star How did yyyoooou get out of Mother Goose corner?!? (full quote)
Star Don't you get....don't you get...don't you get into any mischief while Dada's gone! (makes noise like...) Boodle boodle boodle! (full quote)
Star I am Mr. Charlie, photographer da babe, entirely at your service! (full quote)
Star 1) Now I've been through a number of these cases, and I understand how you feel. 2) Have you ever lost a child? 1) No Ma'am. 2) Then you couldn't possibly understand how I feel. (full quote)
Star Norby! Knock of the singin' and read him his story book! If you can! (full quote)
Star Sure can tell summers here! People got those barbecues goin'.... (full quote)
Star 1) Good news fellas! It's not a hole, it's a tunnel! And what's every tunnel got??? 2) Ooh! I got it!! Don't tell me! Umm...Umm.... 3) Toll booth at the end!? (full quote)
Star Are you always this stupid or do you do this just to annoy me? (full quote)
Star Did baby Bink miss his Uncle Eddie? (full quote)
Star 1) I haven't forgotten about your feelings. 2) Oh, my feelings don't matter. 1) Yes they do. (full quote)
Star baby! Starboard side! Starboard, starboard! Port Port! 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock! 6:30!! (full quote)
Star 1) Did a baby get off this bus?? A little guy! 'Bout two feet tall?!?! 2) I didn't have nobody on here with a baby. 1) HE WAS BY HIMSELF!!! (full quote)
Star 1) I know, let's get her a sandwich! We'll give her a sandwich! 2) She don't need a sandwich! Look at her! (full quote)
Star Boo boo! (full quote)
Star I'm hearin' that little vermon in my thoughts! I wanna 'rase 'em from my mind! (full quote)
Star The baby's out the window!! (full quote)
Star 1) Baby's having his picture taken tomorrow. 2) Say Hello to Ole Willie for me. 1) Old Willie isn't doing it. I've hired downtown Baby Photographers. (full quote)
  1) do you have to do that? 2)i don't know about you, but i don't eat parts of my body (full quote)
13653 how old Baby Bink now ? and where he from ? did anyone have pic for him ? (full quote)
  hey you guys own that van over thier.......yes it belongs to us officer thier sumthin' wrong with it ......oooo were juss having some baaaaaaateriy problems (full quote)
  We're going back to the Tick-Tock to get the Boo-Boo. (full quote)
31339 I HAVE MY OWN FAN CLUB.... I HAVE downS SYNDROME.... SHOWOFF (full quote)
35352 I worked at Burger King...three years. This is worse than that! (full quote)
35352 Yes, I did. I've been having ba-agghh!-tery trouble. (full quote)
35352 Walk 'em to the car - my entire reproductive system is about to go up in flames! (full quote)
35352 If the Milwaukee Mob couldn't kill milk puking, thumb sucker's got a candles chance in a cyclone, 'a gettin' the better of me! (full quote)
35352 I'm hearin' the little vermin in my thoughts - I wanna erease him from my mind! (full quote)
35352 -And a brush fire in my undershorts! Get 'em outta here! (full quote)
35352 Baby's crawling in traffic tend to draw attention, don't you think? (full quote)
35352 The baby's on the roof! (full quote)
35352 Do you gotta do that? (full quote)
35352 You spit on me! (full quote)
  Hey! Kink Kong! I'm a bananaaaaaaa. I'm a coconut! I'm an entire fruit salad! (full quote)
35352 Oh yeah, that's a good idea. We get the living hell tore outta us by a baby! Three fully grown men, versus 15 pounds of pink flesh with a mouth! (full quote)
35352 We took a lickin' and kept on tickin'! (full quote)
37904 If you want to shoplift, go to J.C. Penney. (full quote)