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Blank Check - 1994 Movie Quotes

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8772 Yeah, you know those old sayings man i dont get um, like 'more than one way to skin a cat.' Who skins cats? Why would you skin a cat? and there is not more than one way to skin a cat, there is only one way to skin a cat. You grab the cat and you rip the skin of the cat! (full quote)
11547 my name is macintosh. (full quote)
13284 1. You see anyone who looks like him? 2. Yeah, he looks like him, she looks like him and look, way over there, there goes his little twin brother, you expect me to find him out of all these kids in this park? (full quote)
13284 your butt is mine, kid! (full quote)
16323 what a rip-off! Its a cheque for nothing!! (full quote)
16323 Damien and Ralph sleep butt to face...butt to face...butt to face (continues til the computer is switched off) (full quote)
16323 Dont rub a man! (full quote)
  Damien and Ralph sleep butt to face (full quote)
  Tada! Is this ta-DA or what? Yeah, Yvonne, it's.... ta-da. (full quote)
  If I don't get paid, I will sue Mr. MacIntosh for every dime he is worth! (full quote)
  Is this to die for or what? (laughs) Where did you find her? (full quote)
10929 He who has the gold makes the rules? (full quote)
10929 You wanna move that horse. what is this? Bonanza? (full quote)
10929 Proud to be loud. (full quote)
10929 I'll wait. (full quote)
  I'm MacIntosh and I want you off my property now! (full quote)
  Ta-da! (strong accent) Is this to DA or what? (full quote)