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Brainscan - 1994 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
6483 game Over, You Lose (full quote)
6483 You must think like a killer, cover up any clues, leave no witnesses, no evidence, and most importantly enjoy the fear. (full quote)
14582 Eeyore,dial 1-800-555-FEAR (full quote)
  Have'nt you figured it out... I'm you. (full quote)
  It's only a crime if you get caught (full quote)
20947 And then what happens? You watch a pornagraphic film, get an erection, and RAPE someone! (full quote)
20947 It was SUPPOSED to be REAL! (full quote)
20947 {correction to above. sorry for the mess up!:}It wasn't SUPPOSED to be REAL! (full quote)
1ajas Run amok. Unleash the dark side of your soul (full quote)
1ajas Igor, dial 1-800-555-fear (full quote)
1ajas (1)what was that? (2)Death, Death, Death. (1)Death, Death, Death. (2)Part two. (full quote)
1ajas ...and most importantly, enjoy the fear. (full quote)
1ajas Late this afternoon the body of forty-two year old William Tess was discovered in the bedroom of his home. (full quote)
1ajas Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Trickster. (full quote)
1ajas But, no country-western music please. Every man has his limits. (full quote)
1ajas Be honest, you don't feel the guilt. Why accept the punishment? (full quote)
1ajas what're you doin' over there? I'm sick of you doin' twenty miles an hour in this town. Gimmee the keys. (full quote)
1ajas Take your own life. You thought of it many times before. (full quote)
1ajas ...only you can stop this! Her life or yours! Choose! (full quote)
1ajas's like hypnotic or some shit. No, some kid in texas was watching it and he had an aneuryism and I think his eyes exploded. (full quote)