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Bullets Over Broadway - 1994 Movie Quotes

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  Don't speak, don't speak... (full quote)
3605 You don't write like people talk. (full quote)
11040 1)so what does it feel like to kill someone? 2)feels ok 1)feels ok? 2)feels ok. (full quote)
  Sorry I'm late. My pedicurist had a stroke, she fell over onto the orange stick and plunged it into my toe... it required bandaging. (full quote)
  I read your play; thrilling, turbulent, a page turner......charmed, charmed, charmed. (full quote)
  I'm a Whore!!! (full quote)
  1)She has a certain perkiness that the role requires. 2)She's perky alright...she makes you want to sneak up behind her with a pillow and suffocate her! (full quote)
10929 Guilt is petty bourgeois crap. An artist creates his own moral universe. (full quote)
  I'll have a double anything. (full quote)