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Children of the Corn III - 1994 Movie Quotes

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d5395 Let us give thanks to He Who Walks Behind the Rows for protecting our crops, and keeping the infidel in the torments of hellfire eternal. (full quote)
d5395 Joshua?! Boy, you’re gonna make this some sad night. I’m gonna get you (full quote)
d5395 The wilderness shall be glad and the desert shall bloom, for He Who Walks Behind the Rows and all of his children. We are the selected, we will flourish on the land, in the homes, in the hallways and classrooms, the playgrounds, until the unbelievers feel our wrath, our fury as we triumph over them, scorching the earth from within. We are the seed and now is our time to grow. For if the infidel and unbeliever shall pass over it, they shall be consumed. Bless my harvest to come! (full quote)
d5395 My papa, god rest his sole, he developed the strain, guess you could say I sorted helped. These were his only samples, brought ‘em out from Gatlin see if they’d grow here (full quote)
d5395 You reap what you sew (full quote)
d5395 ...he was a child just like us, a child with a great vision of the world (full quote)
d5395 You have reached the emergency number of the Chicago police department, please stay on the line and a path will be forged for the holy and the unbeliever shall be collected to aid (full quote)
d5395 Well, I’ve got some good news. I’m actually gonna be passing some of you. Not you Jenkins, you’ll never pass. I’m gonna have you next year, and probably the next year after that. You can’t even tell me what the longest river is in the United States (full quote)
d5395 ...and these frauds, these traitors, they know who they are (full quote)
d5395 With age comes blindness. But we who are gathered, we are the keepers of a vision of purity (full quote)
d5395 It was a lie that Noah, led the world to rebirth, for had it not been for his children, his children to fulfill his every wish, they would never have never witnessed the earth’s corruption and understand that the old had to be washed away, one way or another… They’re lost; they’re like bad weeds and need to be taken out (full quote)
d5395 I need thy help now; to end this madness and evil, do not forsake me now (full quote)
d5395 your bible’s no match to mine (full quote)
d5395 Tonight is the night when we will purge the old, cleanse the earth and purify the harvest (full quote)
d5395 ...let us pray, pray that we shall have the strength to fulfill his vision... (full quote)
d5395 Time of change is upon us, for in this season it will be he beast that is slaughtered in the hands of the lamb. (full quote)