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City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold - 1994 Movie Quotes

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5352 1) Speaking of doing *it* . Did you ever walk in on our parents ? 2) No . .. Did you ? 1)*nods* 2) Ewww!!! That's a horrible thing for a little child to see . 1) This was 6 weeks ago in florida ! 2) Ewww!! Was it in the bedroom ? 1) It was in the kitchen 2) Ewwwww! 1) It was horrible . Dog barking .My kids picture flaping on the refridgerator .. 2)OK stop it Stop it ! 1)Pop was working hard *ahh-ohh--ahh enough of that . Did you take the car in ?* 2) Ewww!!! 3) See I think that's beautiful . 1)what ? 3) You know . Two people in love after all these years . You know , that's beautiful . 1) Beautiful ?.....Half an hour later:WE ate off that table . 3) EEWWW!! (full quote)
3605 Please don't tell my kids I died taking a shit. (full quote)
3605 1) There is something wrong with your cow. I reach under there and I'm pulling, tugging, tugging, pulling, nothing, not a drop. 2)The cow's name is Norman. You were pulling on his dick. (full quote)
3605 1) In case we don't make it and I die first... eat me. 2) Eat you? I don't even like talking to you on the phone! (full quote)
3605 If you ever talk to me like that again, I'm gonna turn your balls into earrings. (full quote)
  so what did you use for protection......paper or plastic??? (full quote)
8351 what in the name of John Wayne's ass is going on here. (full quote)
3605 Great buckets of bull shit! It's Curly come back from the dead! (full quote)
3605 1) When were you last with a woman? 2) Saturday will make a year 1) Oooh! 3) Gee, if I'd known I would have gotten you a cake. (full quote)
RiOtGiRl_713 1. Phil, I'm warnong you. If you mention The Godfather to him I will rip your arms out of the sockets and beat you to death with them!! (full quote)
RiOtGiRl_713 the cows name is were pulling on his dick. (full quote)
RiOtGiRl_713 yeah...I know...I'm just petrified of heights, thats all. Thats why I'm not tall. (full quote)
RiOtGiRl_713 a snake!! a rattler!!! it bit me on the ass!! (full quote)
RiOtGiRl_713 what in the names of John Waynes ass is going on here?? (full quote)
  Well How come he automatically gets the copy? (full quote)
  I missed my period! I took the test and itcame out bbblluuueeee!!! (full quote)
  nfghfg (full quote)
  /* the gold was found, then clay comes in and said ... */ do you think it that's was real???? .. ñiajaja , unbelievable, wuajaj UNBELIEVABLE WA JA JA JA /* fade out */ (full quote)
10929 --I can't believe you two are from the same gene pool. --He's from the shallow end. (full quote)
ubpver Actually we’re seismologists from call tech. Do you know anything about seismology or earthquakes? Oh well the continental plates are in a state of extreme seismic tension throughout this entire igneous polygamist Jurassic Hasidic region and when the plates get in that state of tension what we have to do is dig down and relax them. (full quote)