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Corrina, Corrina - 1994 Movie Quotes

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1106 If you'd have kept that nickel between your knees like momma told you... (full quote)
4396 1) Do you taste like Chocolate? 2) (shrugs) I don't know.. Do you taste like vanilla? (full quote)
4396 Is tata tot My Potato Head's Son? (full quote)
  People say iam fat cause i got a double chin (full quote)
  Are you a niga lova? im not your friend no mory molly you honky (full quote)
  father: Heaven is just something people make up to make them feel better, it's not real. molly: ....well, what's wronge with that? (full quote)
  I am Molly Singer and there is nobody in the world who's better than me. (full quote)
  ...said i had a double chin, said i looked FAT!...u aint fat ur beautiful, now baby go a lil easy on that potato salad! (full quote)
  I'm on da phone (full quote)
  Percy:Yuck! Coconut.. I HATE Coconut.. Lizzie: Give it here Percy... I LOVE.... coconut! (full quote)
  Percy: Yuck! cream I hate cream Lizzie: Give it here Percy I don't mind cream Percy: *reaches for another chocolate* YUCK! Coconut, I hate coconut. Lizzie: Give it here Percy, I don't mind cream. Lizzie's sister: You don't mind anything, girl. (full quote)
  Percy: Ring Ring! *places phone to ear* Hello, yes hold on a minute, Corrina It's for you. Corrina: Hello, oh yeh..well hm..wait a minute..*asks* Is percy here? Percy: Yeah I'm right here. Corrina: okay, the phones for you Percy: Hello, I love you my lovely (full quote)
  you ain't fat, now go easy on the potato salad (full quote)