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Cowboy Way, The - 1994 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  Well, kiss a duck's red ass. I do believe, she loves me. (full quote)
  Just knock off its horns, wipe its nasty ole ass, and chuck it right down on the plate (full quote)
30320 I'd rather play big chief anyhow!!!!!! (full quote)
30320 That pepper sure can cowboy when he wants too. (full quote)
30320 If its got hair i can ride it and if its got a beat I can dance to it. (full quote)
30320 You get the shiver, I get the shot!!!!!!!!!!!! (full quote)
30320 Oh you mean Willian Pickett, yeah. (full quote)
  Pepper: I see what you're trying to say deep down you're chicken shit. Sonny: No Pepper that ain't what I'm trying to say. (full quote)
  Sonny: Not my best time but it'll do. (full quote)
47955 Well, this is the cowboy way. (full quote)
dankohner Sonny: [After calf roapping man in pawn shop], Not my best time, but it will do! (full quote)