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Iron Will - 1994 Movie Quotes

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  Harry Kingsley: If this young man is not allowed to compete, twenty million Americans who daily read King papers will loudly cry foul! Simon Lambert: You think your boy's got a chance Harry? Harr: It doesn't matter what I think. If I can convince twenty million Americans that he can, I'll get back in the good graces of my editor. Harry: Not another word to these parasites kid, you're King property now. Will Stoneman: I'm nobody's property mister. Harry: Yeah, I know. It's just an expression kid. Harry: Wait a second. That's great. Iron Will. Kingsley, you're a genius! Harry: what's that? Will: Fruitcake. Harry: You're gonna run forty miles on fruitcake? Will: It's a special kind of fruitcake, Mr. Kingsley . . . Harry: Fruitcake . . .Geez, this kid's a gift from God. Harry: Maybe I'm not making myself clear. If you bother the boy again, the world will know about it. Harry: Don't get soft on me now kid. Harry: I just hope he lasts long enough for me to get my big promotion. Simon: And if he dies? Harry: Then he'll die a hero . . . a somebody, and I'll write one hell of an obituary for him, lauding his courage, his idealism . . . Simon: You know enough about such things to write about them Harry? Harry: I know plenty Lambert. (full quote)