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It's Pat - 1994 Movie Quotes

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  Kyle-Wooooah, Pat, is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me!?! Pat- Well, acually, it's a banana. (full quote)
  oh i crushed my nuts, well there goes my afternoon snack. (full quote)
  Pat- You're my best friend Kathy Kathy- I? (full quote)
  Pat-Oh, I crushed my nuts. Oh shoot, there goes my afternoon snack. (full quote)
Sol Goode You're a stupid lettuce-head. Oh Pat, you're all wet! (full quote)
Vincent Price I played with the Ween! (full quote)
Vincent Price 1)Well is it a boy or a girl? 2)No time to explain! Look for yourself! 1)It's Pat! (full quote)
  Hood: What we want's to knows is are yous a brotha' or a sista'? Pat: Well I'm an only child... (full quote)
  Gangster:what the hell are you? Pat:Oh you mean am I a blood or a crypt? (full quote)
  pat- feel sorrier for me (full quote)
  I have to come back when it's more convenient for mee! (full quote)
  Wll actually being struck by lightning is more common than you think; I've cbeen struck 3 times! (full quote)
  Pat's boss: Pat, I'm gonna have to let you go Pat: Madness (full quote)